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Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A.


Aaron was born in 1973 in a small village in South Vietnam, during the Vietnam war. He is the 7th son of a 7th son.  He has an identical twin brother who is the 8th son. At the early age of 4 months, both boys were adopted by a Caucasian American Army family.


Due to his unique birth lineage, he was gifted and could pick up new skills simply by watching another person. He was always a straight A student and excelled in many areas. In addition to writing he also is a talented artist, singer, dancer, and web designer. Children and animals have always been very fond of Aaron, due to his kind, warm energy.


As a young child he always had a voracious appetite for books, with incredible reading speed he would devour books in an afternoon.  He was always known for having many books he was reading, and was often called a “bookworm”. He has a semi-photographic memory and can instantly recall textbooks at will. As a child he realized that life was not so adventurous and he would turn to books to escape into someone else’s world, at least temporarily. After reading thousands of other author’s work and styles, he found himself very critical of other’s work and wanted to write something really good, in a literal sense and as his contribution to society and the world. Most importantly, it had to be fun.


In high school he was musical, smart and athletic. He had many friends and served on the student advisory board (student council). He was in the swing choir, the honor society and the art honor society. While scheduled to graduate in 1992, he actually graduated early in 1990, starting college immediately at Kearney State College, originally majoring in English.


When he found out he could only be an English teacher he quickly changed his major to his second favorite subject, marketing. Ironically many years later he became a college professor for almost a decade before focusing on his writing career. He taught graduating seniors how to market themselves and their skills before going into the job market. He is viewed as an authority in the human resource world. He was also the marketing manager for the Colorado Bar Association, continuing legal education. His interest in employment law facilitating employment law seminars for attorneys is what prompted him continuing his own education earning his M.B.A. in human resources in 2004.


When it came to creating Angel Academy he thought of the stories he read as a child, and what made them so special? The answer was so simple it was staring him in the face. Children of all ages want a magical place where they can live, even if for just an hour at a time. Angel Academy introduces the magical element of winged heavenly beings that are known and accepted by all religions around the world. No one has written a children’s story about angels, so it was an inviting area of opportunity. When he meditated with Spirit — angels heard his message and responded in kind.


Aaron has had the divine guidance of angels from the beginning helping him and instructing him on his journey. What makes Aaron’s story so remarkable is he was able to create an international following of fans, over 100,000 in less than 90 days. He utilized Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and many other resources to market and advertise the book. When the eBook became available to order online, it was ranked as #3 on Amazon when it launched. He embraced his Asian culture and has a massive following in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Egypt, Algeria, Iran and of course the United States of America. His fans span all over Europe, Australia, United Kingdom, Mexico and Brazil. He has amazing engagement, likes, sharing, comments and messages daily from fans.


He has a bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Nebraska, Kearney. He also holds a master’s degree in business administration, human resources/relationships from Devry University. Corporate highlights include director of marketing, social media director, product manager, director of web design, webmaster, human resource manager, sales, trainer, & customer service, plus many more. He has been published in numerous trade journals, newsletters and online blogs.


The author currently resides in Denver, Colorado. When he is not writing books, he is busy designing websites for small business owners and other authors. You can visit his website at: www.opusdeorum.com. He designed and created the website for Angel.Academy. He is a strong advocate for vegan safe products, whole food based nutrition and essential oils. He enjoys fantasy fiction, science fiction and has been an avid comic book reader since he was a young child. He has been featured in local newspapers and on abc television. He has performed the United States National Anthem at various sporting events, including the Colorado Rockies baseball team.


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Available 11.18.14

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Press Release for Angel Academy



Aaron1115Aaron Stephens, Author.”Angel Academy.”



“Vampires, witches, wizards, zombies, and death NO MORE.
Angel Academy is the world’s next reading phenomenon.”


Aaron M. Stephens, M.B.A. was disturbed with the media glamorizing vampires, werewolves, witches and dystopia and created a wholesome good read for children called Angel Academy in 25 days.



Marketing efforts solely by the author started six months prior to the book launch in July 2014 with the book Facebook Fan pages (author page & book page) acquiring over 100,000 likes in less than 4 months. Fans from every nation around the world participated in choosing the book cover which appeals to children of every religion internationally.



Angel Academy, almost 300 pages with 31 chapters delivers an enlightening perspective for children of all ages to discover the magical world of angels. The author and the book are non-denominational and reflect a multitude of religious beliefs for children to understand including a chapter on Dog Heaven to aid in losing a lost pet.



The Vietnamese born author is the 7th son of a 7th son, with an identical twin, the 8th son.  He is a gifted individual with talents extending in marketing, as well as an artist, singer, dancer, photographer and web designer. Read more at http://angel.academy/ The book officially released worldwide on 11.18.14 on Amazon.com and everywhere eBooks are sold. The book launch at Second Street to the Right Bookstore from 3-7 p.m. in Denver. You can support your local bookstore, The Tattered Cover, and order your book online with delivery on or after 11.18.14. Click here.  International customers can order here with free shipping, delivery in 7-10 days.


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We currently ship to the following countries free of charge:

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At the end credits of Avengers Infinity War, you see a pager that calls someone. This is that someone. Look out Thanos, it's not over yet. #avengers4 facebook.com/aaronmstephens…

At the end credits of Avengers Infinity War, you see a pager that calls someone. This is that someone. Look out Thanos, it's not over yet. #avengers4

Опубліковано Aaron Stephens Вівторок, 18 вересня 2018 р.

Apple's new ios 12 update fixed closing programs. No longer have to hold and wait, just swipe like we used to do! #apple #ios12

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If I designed cars for a living, I would include a mini cooler, USB ports in front AND back, fingerprint gun safe, LTE wifi, and fingerprint door locks and ignition. Auto sensing tinted windows would be awesome... facebook.com/aaronmstephens…

If I designed cars for a living, I would include a mini cooler, USB ports in front AND back, fingerprint gun safe, LTE...

Опубліковано Aaron Stephens Вівторок, 18 вересня 2018 р.

On sale at Amazon, Angel Academy Kindle is only $5.99, normally $9.99! #kindle #Amazon amazon.com/dp/B00O3JH7OQ/…

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So through the Vudu website you can get the 4k disc, blu ray AND HDX digital version early access. @bestbuy @target @...

Опубліковано Aaron Stephens Вівторок, 11 вересня 2018 р.

There is only one man who sacrificed everything - and he died for my sins on the cross. #believe

Yikes! Nike loses $3.75 BILLION. Some smart ass marketing exec should be fired. If my company lost that much money I'd be pissed. #nikedumbasses #icymi #theregoestheswoosh facebook.com/aaronmstephens…

Yikes! Nike loses $3.75 BILLION. Some smart ass marketing exec should be fired. If my company lost that much money I'd be pissed. #nikedumbasses #icymi #theregoestheswoosh

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