Denver, LAX & JFK will have American Express Centurion lounges soon! Platinum and black card members have free access 2 hours before flight. #amex #amexplatinum #amexblack #ohhappyday In addition to the free...…

A thousand thank you’s for everyone’s birthday wishes!

Hey it’s the new Raiders stadium! #vegasbaby

Yo. My birthday is tomorrow. It’s going down in Vegas! Yep I’ll be 21!

Shout out to the @smokehousewinterpark! Smoked brisket is the best ever! #bbq #winterpark

It's 93 degrees and my air conditioner won't turn on. Using a yardstick I jump started the propellers and fixed it. Crazy I tell you. The Google told me how to fix it. #diy #hot #airconditioner #heatwave

In Colorado we boast things like insulin copay caps, 300 days of sunshine, no humidity, and our next door...…

My new favorite horror show, "The Butcher" on History channel. #thebutcher Hunters and chefs will appreciate this killer cut up.

@DisneyStudios I'd be perfect for an Asian Prince Eric! Cast an unknown like me. #littlemermaid

#AmazonPrime is a waste of money when your stuff doesn't show up for weeks because it is coming from CHINA! Not cool. So much for next day delivery. @walmart is going to earn my business from now on.

Independence Day is on the 4th. Can we take down the rainbows and put up the stars and stripes please? #4thofJuly Spiderman is the big summer blockbuster? #spidermanfarfromhome #blockbuster

If you were really serious about getting a new job, you would have reached out to your network of prior coworkers who are working in new jobs. #needajob #getajob #networking Stay in your comfort zone. Life doesn't change until you change. #QuotesByAaronMstephensMBA

The History channel has a show called #thebutcher. It's a reality show on how to cut up animals. Hunters will appreciate it. I learned where the brisket and tomahawk steak originates. #historychannel #cabelas #hunters #chef #butcher It's actually kind of gross. #AHS

#theinbetween New show on NBC Wednesdays. It’s good. Murder. Mystery. “She sees dead people”.…

Hey @Apple , my new iPhone needs a color changing LED so when I go to concerts I can mimic a lighter. #greatidea #iphone11 #newfeatures

I ran out of coffee a few days ago. I was too tired to buy more or order it from Amazon. #thestruggleisreal #ineedcaffeine #lazy

Focus. Stay in the moment. Forget about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. Do not create hypothetical situations that will NEVER happen. Planning and risk management are completely different areas....…

Focus. Stay in the moment. Forget about yesterday and stop worrying about tomorrow. Do not create hypothetical...

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Thanks to all the news stations/Facebook pages that felt they had to ruin #jeapordy for those of us who watch DVR. There is this thing called a #spoiler that is considered mandatory. Go ruin Avengers for the rest of the world while you are at it. Jerks.

#RelativelyNatAndLiv is the new #KUWTK Kardashian show. Love the gay cousins! Perfect timing for #PrideMonth! Watching supermodels dealing with baby issues lost me. Nat and Liv are so pretty.

Look at what the awesome state of Colorado has done; the right thing. #hundreddollarinsulin #colorado It's amazing how our state is leading the country on the war on pharmaceutical drugs. #drugs…