Media Questions

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If you attend a live interview — here are some of the sample questions you may encounter.

Q: I understand that Angel Academy has a pretty unique story behind it.  Would you care to share some background with us?

Q: What is your history or experience with angels? Many people look to you as an “angel” guy now.

Q: You have a sizable international following. How did that come to be?


Q: You really took a unique path to publishing. Can you tell me why you did what you did and what some of the challenges you faced?

Q: I hear you spent a lot of time developing your characters, and in fact, there are dozens of characters from all different worlds you brought into the story. Can you tell us about some of these characters?

Q: Your book cover is unlike any other young adult or children’s book on the market. Can you tell us a the story behind this?

Q: You have quite a cast of characters and personalities in your first book. Can you tell us more about some of the characters, how you developed them, and maybe some advice for aspiring fiction writers?


Q: What’s next for Angel Academy?