Dolby Atmos

Are you an audiophile? One who … appreciates music? Then perhaps you really enjoy going to the movie theater and hearing the magic in Dolby or IMAX. Those systems have hundreds of speakers and it just immerses you in a wall of sound. So if you didn’t know, Dolby has evolved and it is more than it ever was with sounds bouncing off the ceiling and wrapping around you in a total 360 experience. Well believe it or not — you now can get that at home if you are willing to put out some cash and upgrade your system. My receiver went out awhile ago but it still sort of worked … the center channel and the subwoofer worked but pretty much that was it. I honestly don’t know when the last time it worked right. Anyway, I took the plunge and bought a Sony receiver at Best Buy for about $500 USD. I have to say I love it. It is like I was watching movies with no sound effects for the past however many years. Where were the birds, water and wind before? Not in my home theater. All I can say is wow. If you are like me and watch a ton of movies, then you really should have a top of the line sound system. Hopefully my readers have just been reading my tweets, which are semi regular. Twitter .. meh, it’s a whole different beast. Unlike the website and other social media, there is little interaction. On a positive note with Twitter, I do have an official verified checkmark next to my name. I know, how cool is that? Anyone can get one, so I guess now I’m anyone. At least you know I am not a RObot. Or aka a bot. So if you decide to get some cool new sound, make sure your receiver had Dolby Atmos, and you will need 7 speakers and one subwoofer. I swear I am never leaving the house now that I have this amazing sound. Watching every favorite is like watching it for the first time. Btw, all your streaming services have Dolby Atmos content encoded, like Disney+, Amazon Prime, Netflix and of course HBO Max. GOT is in UHD high format so it looks and sounds amazing. If you aren’t following me on Twitter you really should, I do post a few interesting tid-bits here and there that I don’t post anywhere else. I try to keep content different on the other platforms.

Apologies for not posting more here, but as I told one reader, there literally days of reading on the blog and there is no way you read all of it. Or go back and read it again. I do — and continue to be amazed at some of the enlightening things that come out of it. As a reminder, many times I am just the scribe and the message comes from a higher power. Sometimes one of my readers needs to hear something and they won’t listen to anyone else, … like mom or dad. Sometimes YOUR guardian has something to tell you.



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