Chinese Warlord

So not only do I share DNA with the princess, I also am from a Chinese warlord, and an emperor of Japan. How is that for cool?

It is kind of cool that I share the same DNA as my ancestors. I found this artist’s rendition of Cao Cao, and I have to say with my goatee and eyebrows I look a lot like him. What if, somehow I am like him reborn hundreds of years later. I think I need to do some more research on him and his dynasty. I definitely have the whole samurai man bun down. When I let my hair down it goes past my nipples and from behind, it cascades down my back. My 30ish% European ancestry now explains why I don’t have typical straight wirelike hair, and instead have soft silky smooth hair instead. It actually is naturally curly which is super unusual for Asians. I happen to know for a fact that some people pay hundreds of dollars for perms that don’t last. Watch Fresh off the Boat, and there is an episode where they both get perms. I didn’t know it, but evidently when you are successful (in Asian families) you get a perm. Sadly Fresh off the Boat was cancelled, but I did buy all of the seasons on Vudu for like $30. Since I was raised in a white military family, I didn’t learn any Asian customs, other than taking off your shoes at the front door. I don’t walk around in socks, I wear my Birks and socks inside and my running shoes outside. So my curiosity has gotten the best of me and I really want to know more of my father’s lineage. Fortunately for me, CRIGenetics discounted the report 20% so I bought it. If anything or anyone exciting or interesting shows up I will share it with y’all.


For my Husker friends, it looks like the government is finally releasing some statistics, like how many are hospitalized.  You can check it out by clicking here. For some stupid reason Nebraska stopped reporting numbers back in May. And they don’t do testing, so you really have no clue what the real numbers are like.

260,199 Cases

448 Active Hospitalizations

2379 Deaths

Just remember that only about 66.06% are fully vaccinated (in Nebraska), so 1/3 of the population are at risk.  1,040,196 people in Nebraska are fully vaccinated. If you think about it, that is not great. The percent partially vaccinated, meaning only 1 shot, 5.49%.


Famous People Report

CRIGenetics can go back as far as 50 generations of family ancestry DNA. I was pretty surprised to see the Princess of Wales smiling at me. Of course all her offspring share the same mtDNA Haplogroup. This report was only $10 and totally worth it. Naturally they had another report to sell me when I got this one. It was like $90, so I passed. Given the correct information someone could really maximize their life longevity.




White Asian

So, … where are YOU from?  A common question that people ask you when you are first introduced. It is a simple way to get to know someone better. When someone is of the same place, chances are you have a lot in common. All my life I have always been telling people that I am from Vietnam, but I was adopted into an American military family at 4 months. Well imagine MY surprise when I decided to take a DNA test to discover my roots. Turns out I am NOT 100% Vietnamese. Wait, what? Yep, the proof is in the science. I am only 45.6% Vietnamese. Not even HALF. Yep, I am blown away. Looks like all those years of Asians calling me “White Asian”, with 31.4% of European lineage — they weren’t so far off. Yep, looks like my dad wasn’t Asian after all. How crazy is that? When you are adopted you don’t have any medical history. You are just out of luck. Not anymore.


So initially I looked up 23 and me, which is heavily advertised for DNA testing. However, this other company, CRI Genetics, does a plethora of detailed information that tells you more than your own doctor. And these tests don’t lie. You are not self diagnosing yourself like you normally do with WebMD. You are getting actual real scientific data that proves YES or NO that you do or do not have a medical condition. Like for instance, I had no idea that I am lactose intolerant. So all those hot milked frothy Starbucks laced with hormonal milk literally were making me sick. And did you know that 90% of the world can’t stomach milk, except Europeans for some strange reason. Although I have never had a dairy issue, other than drinking hot milk. Maybe since I am part European that has something to do with the genetics. The report also told me that I do NOT have a sensitivity to gluten. Yay me. I knew it all along. I had a friend who self diagnosed herself as a celiac patient and thus refused to eat “gluten” or any carbs. Except you can get carbs from other things that don’t have gluten. It is kind of scary that all it takes is 2 mouth swabs of spit and you can literally find out all kinds of genetic DNA information.  Turns out that you inherit all kinds of things from your ancestors. Most parents worry that they will pass a genetic medical condition to their children. So if you are curious and want to investigate even further. The site is CRIGenetics, and don’t buy it right away. Look around the site, and wait for the pop up to give you the 50% discount.


After you purchase they mail you a kit, you swab it and about 2 weeks later your results show up on their website. I found out my lineage 50 generations. I also opted for the additional “Who might you be related to that is famous” report. I should get it in a few days. If anyone cool shows up I will be sure to share it with y’all.



A Tough Conversation “What If”

What do you think is the toughest conversation you have ever had? Think about it for a minute. I’ll wait.


Have you ever had to tell someone they are going to die? Have you had to fire someone? Have you ever had a message come to you … from GOD? Hmm, that is a good question. Some people have never talked to God, or even tried to listen to God. Wait, what? Yep, it is true. How do I know? Well, God told me. There. He told me that for some souls, the ONLY time they ever once think to talk to God, is when their life is about to terminate. Which is super sad. You know what is also super sad? People who don’t believe in ANY God. Yeah, you might know of some of those people. What if I told you that when their time came to transition, they changed their tune and all of the sudden said they believed in God? But what if … God wasn’t there to believe in them. Which God? Last I checked there were over 4300 different religions, each with their own God. What if all of those Gods are of the same “one” god?



God said he doesn’t play judge and jury. There are just too many trillions of souls. God also said that many souls, who are not his followers, say he will save them from the virus. What if God said that Life and Death is a quid pro quo. You have to do so many deeds, actions, or gestures to make it to the next life. What if … death, like in Final Destination is just cleaning up loose ends? What if a shitload of those people dying are actually bad people? The prisons are infected also, and what if God said those people in there actually shouldn’t be there, or anywhere? What if God just let the Angels of Death do whatever they want? God gave us a savior. Once, and he was crucified. So unless Jesus has magically appeared on the earth and hasn’t shown himself to us, WE are going to have to save ourselves.



You can start by getting the flu shot, like me. I got mine yesterday at Kaiser. No side effects. It didn’t even hurt. So I also wanted to point out that most states, like Nebraska and Colorado — where my friends and family reside, there is still a rather low vaccination rate. Like only 67% have the shot. Which means 1 in 3 are potential hosts. With rates like that, you are definitely going to see an uptick in deaths. Almost every retail establishment has employees out for COVID and every major airport has infected staff. TSA are impacted the most, and as you know, they all chose NOT to take the vaccine. Survival of the fittest are those who are current on all their vaccinations.

And a new virus, the Nipah virus has shown up in India. There is no cure or vaccine.



Shang-Chi — Marvel’s Newest Hero

This past weekend Shang-Chi was released in theaters exclusively for 45 days — later  going to Disney+ premiere for an additional $30, just like Black Widow. So if you really wanted to see it, you had to venture out into public. Thankfully everyone was at a college football game this weekend, so theaters were not so packed as you might think they would be. If you think I am going to ruin it for you and you are planning to stop reading … you’re wrong. I like to let my readers make an educated decision for themselves.
I will add a few thoughts, such as … Awkafina is the new Asian girl sidekick, like she has been cast in many of her other films. If you have watched any Asian film lately, you know who she is, or at least her rather unique sounding voice. She was the dragon in Raya. Okay, now you got it. Sadly it appears she has been typecast as the weird comic relief just like the fat kid in Spiderman. I don’t even remember the name of the star, … and like most Asian movies, it is a lot of kung fu martial arts fighting. As I sat through the predictable fight scenes, I thought “I could never be a movie star. Too much physical effort.” And I certainly wouldn’t want to be cast as a comic relief sidekick. Why do Asians always get such shitty roles?
Also, Asians do NOT all look alike. Trust me on this one. Although growing up with an identical twin, I can see how a lot of people might think we look alike when you only know 2 Asian kids and they are twin brothers. Funny right? Anyway, as a writer I felt the plot was kind of weak. I was confused as to who the villain was and what was the motive of doing what they were doing. Right. The special effects of some glowing circle boomerangs just didn’t do it for me. They were also not explained. Where did they come from? How do they work? What is their magic? Can anyone use them? Do they talk to you? Why do they glow sometimes and other times they don’t? Okay I am an old 48 year old man and I couldn’t get it. I doubt that a bunch of teenage kids or youngers are going to decipher the code. Btw, almost every Asian actor in the show you will recognize from some other show or movie. OR maybe you won’t. Again, bad with names, but if you watched the new Star Trek Discovery, the mean Asian admiral has a role. So if you liked her there, you might like her in this one.  There is ONE cameo from the MCU which “might” tie things in, and that is Wong, from Dr. Strange. Also, you do not really know the timeline. If this character is part of the MCU, did he just appear AFTER the Thanos snap? Did they just recast Crazy Rich Asians in this production? I think so.
At any rate, if you are wondering if it is worth it to go see this in the theaters, my answer is … no. You will be disappointed like me. Confused. And wondering if you will ever get those 2 hours of your life back. Watch it when it is free on Disney+.

And on a side note, a month ago there were about 50k new cases of COVID a day, and as of TODAY 301,138 new cases yesterday. Bringing total of 40,382,181 cases in the United States. 650,998 deaths. Wasn’t that football game great this weekend? Yup, all of them were super spreaders. Not a single mask to be seen on national television. Well it only takes about a week now for the delta variant to strike hard and fast. I’ll keep y’all posted. I predict that we will see an exponentially unusually high number of deaths in the next 30 days. It won’t be a thousand a day dying. It will be in the tens of thousands.

If you take the number of abortions, 750k (data from 2018), and divide that by 365, you get over 2,000 abortions/deaths a day. Those figures of course are never shared with the general public like COVID deaths. So clearly, there are a lot of women out there that are having unprotected sex. Who’s fault is it? The guy not wearing the condom, or the ovulating woman? MOST women know when they are most fertile. If you know there is a slight chance of having a baby, why take the risk? The supreme court in Mexico just legalized abortions, so Texas women now have another option. I hear they do a lot of cosmetic plastic surgery down there for real cheap. So they say on Botched.





WIIFM Syndrome

Wii FM? No, not Nintendo Wii. It actually stands for “What’s In It For Me”. That is what is going on in the economy right now. What appears to be a labor shortage is actually a WIIFM syndrome on a national level. Pretend for just a moment YOU are the unemployed person who was working that crappy minimum wage job that for whatever reason, … CLOSED and furloughed you. Sure you “could” go get another help wanted job, but it would be another sucky job with shitty customers yelling at you for whatever stupid reason they felt you were their slave. Sounds enticing doesn’t it? Oh wait, it gets better. There is an outbreak at almost every place you apply, and you know this because you asked around. It isn’t hard to find out that the staff has COVID.


The reality is there isn’t a labor shortage, what there is … is the owner of whatever company is short staffed is a greedy son of a bitch and doesn’t want to share in the profits. Wait, what? Yep, you heard me right. Think about it for just a second, the LARGEST richest companies in the world, … let’s use Amazon AND Walmart as an example, … are fucking greedy bastards. WHY should ONE man hold so much wealth? Why should ONE family control the retail market? WE, as consumers continue to support them with our voting dollars. If all the people in the world, stopped shopping at their company, they would go out of business. Look at what COVID did to thousands of businesses. No customers, no company. Cruise to Italy anyone? Walmart could afford to pay every single employee $50k a year and it wouldn’t even feel a dent in the profits. And why do they need billions and billions of dollars for ONE family? That’s right, they don’t.


You have a choice. You can go to a small business owned by a single individual and help them out. You can stop your Amazon Prime membership. But you won’t. Because the reality is those two companies provide a good and service at a cost effective, cheaper price. It has already been proven by many companies that have increased employee salaries that they have a decrease in employee turnover, and an increase in job satisfaction. Competition for good or great employees is going to be at an all time high. Employers would rather steal the competition than to hire an unemployed laid off employee.
Today is the official day that the extra unemployment bonus ends. That means there will be a lot of people forced to go back to work. I know of a ton of folks who kept saying “Why should I go work for less money when I can sit on my ass and play video games all day long?” Right, exactly. That is the mentality of the unemployed unhirable American. They don’t want to work. They want to live off the government and get free handouts. The problem with that is when you do that, then there is no incentive for our younger generation to educate themselves and get better jobs. You know, the ones that require an actual associates or bachelors degree. Considering the number of students who are not vaccinated and not wearing masks, we will see how many can actually make it four years without dropping out or dying. First year freshmen (and women) have the highest dropout rate. I can think of a dozen friends who started and then never finished. And then they wonder why they are stuck in a low paying, labor intensive job. Well, we all make choices and sometimes those choices are not the best financially.


If you ARE looking for a better tomorrow, dust of that resume, activate your LinkedIn Premium membership for a month and add something IMPRESSIVE to your current job/position. Let your network know you are looking for a new challenge, and let THEM check out their company job listings. You never know, your next opportunity could just be a phone call, text or update away.

And some updated numbers from the New York Times.

Cases 161,327 +8% 40,004,444
Tests 1,548,091 +30%
Hospitalized 102,734 +11%
Deaths 1,560 +55% 648,264

Isn’t that kind of interesting? 40 million cases. And kind of weird that it is all 4’s. Of course we all know that number is extremely under reported as we know that there are millions and millions of infected people who won’t even get tested. Have you noticed how all the testing drive up centers are closed yet the number of infections is exponentially higher than it was 2 years ago. As I told my mother, the vaccine is not a cure, it is more like a flu shot on steroids. Like the flu shot, it is preventative measures, just like a mask and a condom. Don’t like the outcome of wearing either, well, you might get pregnant, COVID and both of you might die.


And on another depressing note, did you know that over 750k abortions happen every year in the United States. That number actually is higher, as I couldn’t get recent numbers. The church of Satan calls those “human sacrifices” for their church, so they like abortions. As much as I hate to admit it, I would have to agree. As a pro LIFE advocate, I think life should be cherished, not disposed of because it is “inconvenient” for someone. I personally have interfered with 2 ladies who were faced with aborting a fetus. In BOTH cases they were so thankful I was there to convince them to do the right thing. Both of those little girls grew up to be wonderful women, … thanks to me. Hey, I’m an earth angel. That’s what I do. I save lives.


Imagine just for a moment, my biological Vietnamese mother felt having 2 more babies was too much for her. A widowed mother, alone with no income, … so she decides to just “take care of it.” Well, then I wouldn’t be here. Yeah, … I hope that has an impact on any lady out there who thinks that a baby is too much of an inconvenience. Get with the program and use some damn birth control.


It is officially Monday, Labor Day in the United States, which means new episodes of Billions, Evil, Naked & Afraid, and Naked & Afraid love series are all available for your viewing pleasure. I’m a fan of all 4 and gotta say, Evil is pretty wicked. Gossip Girl reboot was good, but it was no Serena & Blair.




Texas Taliban?

Okay so I have been seeing all kinds of reference that Texas is now a Taliban type of environment. I also have seen people referencing getting the shot to the same tune as the Jewish holocaust. I know right? WTF. NOT EVEN CLOSE. I did watch an interview with a Planned Parenthood in Texas where the doctor said he was seeing 60 women a day for abortions and now he only sees … ready? THREE. So 57 women are going to soon be mommys! Yes I know there are tears streaming down their sad faces. I told you, cry me a river because that is what is going to happen. I have also seen many references to illegal abortions, primarily a coat hanger reference, which what was done decades ago when abortions were illegal.



There are also a lot of groups that feel that men should be given involuntary vasectomies. Which if you think about it, is a good and bad idea. Sure there won’t be any unwanted pregnancies, but there will be a lot of rape that goes on. Just no proof that it actually happened. Maybe one day guys will wake up and realize they don’t need to have the ability to reproduce. After the snip things still work, they still have sex, and in fact, some of them actually end up having more sex. I know of a lot of married couples that the daddy got snipped after baby number 2. If they do it right after the baby is born it is practically free. Like I said before it really isn’t about “My body right”, it is about someone controlling your rights. Women can get the morning after pill and have for a long time. Some women have these little sticks put into their body to trick them into thinking they are pregnant so they can have all the sex they want and never get pregnant. So if you are a guy, your insurance should cover a vasectomy, which is completely reversible if you one day decide you want an 18 year financial emotional commitment. And honestly guys, have you actually thought about realistically having kids one day? Like, a boy and a girl? What are their names? What are the activities that you want to do with that little money drain? Do you like shitty diapers and having no sleep? A screaming unreasonable little loudspeaker that won’t shut up … ever? Hmmm… then maybe planting your seed isn’t for you. If you don’t want to raise it or have any part of raising it, then having kids isn’t for you. Just saying. Someone has to say it. Women talk about their one day family and all their kids secret baby names. Guys, … eh, not so much. Before you ruin someone’s life and their kid, think about it carefully. Get that vasectomy, never tell your girlfriend/wife until you both decide it time to carry on the family lineage, and just reverse it. It is an outpatient surgery and she doesn’t even have to know.  In the meantime, have all the awesome hot sex you can and never worry about a paternity test.

It is officially LABOR DAY WEEKEND!!! In Denver a Taste of Colorado is going on downtown and the annual Cherry Creek Arts Festival is taking over Cherry Creek north. Have a fun and safe holiday weekend!



Devils Advocate

I would say that Texas needs a mass exodus. People need to voluntarily leave the state, and I do not mean by means of the virus. The healthy vaccinated ones need to get the hell out of hell. I have already heard and seen reference to Texas is the new Taliban. Which I think is pretty bad considering how they treat women in the middle east. So, I think everyone has heard and seen all the reasons why banning abortions in Texas robs women of their own body rights. And as I stated yesterday, “most” women know they are pregnant long before they get the test. They have this women’s intuition that tells them secret stuff. Ask any woman and they will act like it is one of their superhero powers. Like a mom knows when her kid is in danger. Spidey sense but for moms. Now I know the media and liberal groups are saying “But what about rape and incest?” What about it? Not to be a jerk, but if you were raped, it doesn’t take SIX WEEKS to figure out you don’t want to keep that baby. Hello? Usually they know after the rape evaluation at the hospital that they don’t want it. I didn’t read into the law, but I am pretty sure that abortions are still legal for six weeks.


If you are a guy and didn’t know, there is this thing called “The Morning After” pill. You can take it immediately after sex and if there was any chance of an egg being fertilized it is magically taken care of. Super simple. So, it is not like Texas is taking THAT away is it? And honestly, that pill is way cheaper than an abortion. And if you are NEW to abortions, like you never knew anyone who had one, then you really should go watch 13 Reasons Why, on Netflix. There is an episode/issue with one of the high school girls getting pregnant. She goes to an abortion clinic and they show it. You get to experience what she goes through. As a man it is kind of disturbing to witness it. Honestly in this day and age with as much birth control that is available there is no be reason why there are accidental pregnancies. PLUS, with as many STD’s that are running wild, it is a good idea to be extra careful. A dick mask, or a condom should be used.


I think the real underlying hidden issue is that women (in general) are having a lot of unprotected sex and now they are being called out on it. I honestly had no idea there were so many babies being terminated. Why? Because she got laid, got pregnant and was irresponsible and now wants to be rid of the problem. There is an episode in Sex and the City where Miranda gets pregnant. She called it a “procedure”. Wow. In case you didn’t know, the world in general is producing less babies every year. People are waiting longer in life to start a family and focusing on their career. Instead of 2-3 kids, parents are only willing to have one. I can think of dozens of my own friends who are married or partnered and decided that having kids was not for them. Pets. Pets are a much better alternative.


Yesterday the US reported 2,932 deaths due to COVID.  645,383 total deaths. Over 39 million people testing positive. A shout out to Vermont at 68% vax’d. Mississippi has the lowest rate at 38%.



My first podcast

Would you like to actually HEAR me reading the blog to you? Yes I know I have a lovely tenor/baritone voice that blends harmoniously in the choir. Actually a lot of my readers have bad eyesight so listening would be very cool for them. So here is my first podcast of today’s blog.–Texas-Abortion-Ban-e16qala

I actually have had readers request that I do author readings so they can hear or see me. I used Anchor, the free software that is attached to Spotify. So if you use Spotify my podcasts will be available soon. Too bad for Joe. I hear he is the #1 podcast streamed on Spotify. I also hear he has COVID. Hee Haw.



Cry Me A River

Have you ever wondered what the fascination with living in the Big Apple is? Like, why do people pay ridiculous amounts of money to live in a cracker jack apartment? There have no yard, and if you want any outdoor space you have to be a millionaire. I love watching “Million Dollar Listing New York City”. Where else can you see how the rich and semi famous live in NYC? Other than Gossip Girl, this show gives you a glimpse at what people are willing to pay for when they have boatloads of money. Now imagine living in your million dollar apartment and having the city flooded because of hurricane Ida. I’m watching the aftermath now on CNN and it is pretty shitty. Not as shitty as things are in Louisiana, but still pretty shitty. Do you wonder where all that water is going to go? I wonder what is going to happen to the earth when the polar ice caps melt even more. Subways are going to very quickly become obsolete. I have looked at what the cost of living would be to relocate to NYC, and OMG it is horrible. Not only is everything super expensive, but most places have some shitty HOA or fee that you can’t get around. Manhattan is really lucky an actual tornado didn’t touch down as all the basements and subways are flooded. I can just imagine all the hotsy totsy millionaires in the sky scrapers recording the tornado from their rooftop decks. But there was no tornado, just lots of rain and now flooding. From what I gather, thousands upon thousands have left NYC due to COVID and many are not coming back. It’s a buyers market and NYC is ON SALE! You can get quite a deal, according to Fredrick and Ryan Serhant, my two favorite agents. I like it even more that the two hate each other and create all kinds of tension on the show. Fredrick is actually kind of a … shark. And Ryan is more of a snake. I guess those are good traits to have as a ruthless salesman.


Also in national news, Texas evidently does and doesn’t support “My Body My Choice” when it comes to women and abortions. A new law was passed that abortions are banned after 6 weeks. So they ban masks and abortions. So let’s kill the living children and promote the ones that aren’t wanted. WTF? Yeah, I’m still scratching my head at how a bunch of republican MEN can make laws that affect women. If you didn’t know, most women have to miss a period to know that they might be pregnant. And if you are new to the planet, that happens every 28 days. So, basically they have 2 weeks after they miss their period to have an abortion … which is usually pretty unlikely as they are usually in denial the first week after missing the period. They think “Oh it’s just late and it will come any day.” Wrong. They are pregnant and if they don’t want it, the clock is ticking. How the fuck do you make a decision in less than 2 weeks if you want to have a baby? You gotta talk to the dad, your friends, your support group, whomever … and that takes time. FUCK Texas. They are a bunch of assholes. Trust me on this one, this will not be tolerated, and I’m not even in the state. I have ZERO stake in this issue as I am not a woman in Texas. Am I wrong? Don’t these things all need to happen before you decide to abort? Yeah, I am crying a river for the ladies in Texas. Rape, incest, … it doesn’t matter. No abortions after 6 weeks. So what can we do to fight this? I saw that there are some groups that want to boycott businesses and events in Texas that bring revenue to the state. Like, hey I’m a rock star and I’m not longer going to perform in your state. Or I’m a movie production company and we won’t film in your state. Or we are a huge corporation and we are taking our international headquarters somewhere else. Anywhere else. Words are power. Use your words to effectively create change.


For some folks, it is the start of Labor Day weekend! If you are out and about just be safe. I can only harp on you for so long. Most of you are grown adults that can make somewhat intelligent choices in your decision making skills.