So years ago when I built this site I incorporated some code to pull my tweets from Twitter to show up on the main page. It is kind of a cool trick that makes your static website appear to be active, other than your blog. Up until recently my Twitter posts have been few and far between. I only have a couple of thousand followers on there, and for some strange reason the demographics are of … older people, like adults. Not kids or teenagers. Just so you know, “most” of my readers are 14-35, and mostly guys. In the however many years that I have had/used Twitter, no one ever likes or retweets me. So why bother right? Well, as of lately I got tired of seeing Twitter posts (tweets) on my Facebook newsfeed, so I just decided to go to my own Twitter and see them myself. BUT I had to delete anyone that I followed that I didn’t know. There literally was thousands of tweets every few minutes and it just overwhelmed me seeing things I didn’t even really know why I was following.



So now I followed a hand full of friends who followed me, some news sources, a couple of politicians and some celebrities. I have this theory that kids and teenagers don’t use Twitter. Every “group” has their own social media favorite. Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat, Tik Tok, Podcasts, YouTube … I’m sure I am missing a lot. Especially in other countries, like China bans Facebook and YouTube so their citizens can’t get news and information. Yes seriously. The logs don’t lie and my fans/readers come directly to the site. This one.


So I am making a concerted effort to post on Twitter at least 5 times a day. I am using my computer and not the app. Yeah I’m kind of weird that way. I really only use “social media” on my computer and only use my smartphone for music and gps mapping. If you aren’t following my Twitter, you can check it out here.

Or you can keep reading them on the main page.


And on a holiday note, did you know that apple music has every “A Very Special Christmas” version available for your enjoyment. I still love the very first one. I’m sure Alexa will play it for you as well.


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