Don't you just love it when you can say something that makes another person spit out their drink? #wtf Yeah, me too. It's even better when milk goes up their nose.

Wow, the new #velma on #hbomax has nudity in the cartoons in the first five minutes. #wtf I don't think it is kid friendly.

If scalpers like TicketStub or VividSeats buy all the tickets, and anyone can buy them, ... is it really sold out? #Ticketmaster #MadonnaCelebrationTour Btw, Madonna's tour didn't sell out and you can buy any seat you want ... for a price.

I love #blingempire and the new #BlingEmpireNY! Although I would have really thought there would be more shopping with their #AmericanExpressCenturion cards. I honestly thought they would all lived on billionaires row.

Yakima shooter found dead from self-inflicted gunshot. #circleK #yakimawashington 3 dead. No motive.

Damn 2 kids in Iowa killed in a targeted shooting. 18 year old teen in custody. #shooting #iowa #GunControlNow Stop the insanity!

#walmart raises starting wage to $14 an hour. About time the Fortune 50 company starts paying fair wages for fair work. #minimumwage I worked at store #598 in Kearney, Nebraska back in the 90s. It was a trip.

7 dead in Bay area. Half moon bay. 67 year old man arrested. #HalfMoonBay #killer Chunli Zhao. #wtf is wrong with people?

12 people shot at a club Dior in Baton Rouge. #diorshooting #batonrouge

In-person Girl Scout Cookie sales are right around the corner (beginning Sunday, February 5, 2023). What’s your favorite Girl Scout Cookie? Let me know in the comments below! Retweeted by Aaron M. Stephens, MBA

So #madonna is launching a tour and is trying to pull a #TaylorSwift by partnering with #citibank on advance tickets. Will she sell out or go bust? I think there are enough gays and queens that will make it a success.

So that #walmartshooting in Indiana was another disgruntled employee. @walmart you have a serious employee relations issue on your hands. #wtf #humanresources That is 2 shootings your stores by employees. Wow.

Car manufacturer's should advertise 0-75 time speeds. That is when you need it, merging onto interstate traffic. 0-60 in town not good. #newcars #cars #motortrend #caranddriver

Another Walmart shooting, this time in Indiana. And THAT my friends, is why I expect less and pay more, .... at #target. #walmartshooting #indiana

@SteveStaeger I70 closed eastbound. I70 closed westbound.

I bet that one day there will be swappable batteries for EV cars. Of course it will cost twice as much but it will be faster. #wtf #EVcars #batteries

@Netflix really needs to recast a remake show like that shitty 70's show. At least they had semi hot actors. #that90sshow #netflix I watched the preview and I already hate it. #reviews

This is east of Denver by Limon. An hour from the Kansas border. #i70colorado #TrafficAlert…

@waze I would love it if you increase the font size of the clock so I can read it. #wishlist #waze #uber Some of us need reader glasses to see the time!