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@Apple - can you please have R&D add an LED light on the #applewatch so I can feel like #buzzlightyear and use it to unlock doors and zap monsters. Thanks. Your cult fans.

Wow! Biden leads in all states! Oh happy day - the day humanity celebrates victory!

test Twitter Media - Wow! Biden leads in all states! Oh happy day - the day humanity celebrates victory!

Remember when Amazon Prime meant you could actually get your products NEXT day? With millions of Sprinter vans it still takes days to get my products. #amazonprime #voiceofthecustomer #productmarketing What if everyone just cancelled their Prime membership?

The new #mulan opens today. I mean, it released on Disney+ for an additional $29.99. Yay! Just in time for Labor Day weekend.

There is a deadly virus outbreak and the dead are walking. Oh wait, that actually is happening now. So sad there won't be a #zombiefest in Denver this year.…

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47 years young today! 🥳 My youth secret stems from, Arbonne. Beauty is skin deep. Treat yourself to feeling good everyday. #beauty #skincare #youth #julybirthday

I love essential oils. I get mine from #YoungLiving. You can too.

Your goals for this year should be K.I.S.S. (keep it super simple) Be a nicer person. Give more. Smile, laugh, love, & learn.

Every 18 seconds a boomer dies. That is roughly 4780 a day. 1.7 million a year. We already know that planned parenthood and the morning after pill have had a detrimental effect on sustaining our population. #job #jobmarket...…

I spit out my coffee when I saw the baby getting punched by a stormtrooper.

Some of the best comedians are the ones that can find laughter at the things in their own lives ... like Jerry Seinfeld. He didn't have a strong insecurity to put down dead senators, climate change activists,...…

This is so good. Carmel Apple. Made with Crown Royal.

I am doing the Star Wars Disney+ marathon before I go see it in the theaters. I have no idea how I ever understood any of the plot as a child born in the 70's. I'm a grown adult and I am still puzzled by the...…

Mandalorian episode 6 has flashing strobe lights -- I'm not epileptic but if you are you need to avoid this one. #mandalorian I was at Vinyl one time and the fire alarm went off and there were strobe lights...…

The world has millions of cat owners. Why hasn't a "cat scratching post couch" been invented? #greatidea #cats I love cats. Who is the blonde lady yelling at the white cat? I don't get it. Cats can only say "mee...…