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Today I went to an office supply store to have the final manuscript printed off. I told the clerk that I needed it printed front back with three holes so I could put it in a binder. As silly as it sounds, I got really excited seeing it finally printed. The advance copies will be here this week, so this is the first time I have seen the final printed, edited version. It literally has been months since I saw it, handing over a raw, rough final draft. I ordered a red inking stamp to imprint on all the books “ADVANCE COPY”. I only printed 100, so I imagine one day if someone has one it will be worth something. Right now I am sending them to media, television, spiritual leaders and celebrities. I want the Pope to have a copy, as well as Oprah. Sure why not right? I was told in meditation that anything is possible if you only attempt it. 10 will be used as prizes on


I’m currently in the process of working with Barnes & Noble in Thornton, Colorado for doing my book launch. They will be one of many stores. The key is to get one to approve me, and then the rest will be like dominos, one right after another. I am still waiting to hear back from Hastings Entertainment (, another big bookstore retailer. Individual stores many times have to contact their corporate office for approval. They have over 500 stores so it is worth my time to utilize them. The idea behind it is that they have a store in my hometown back in Nebraska. If I go there and do a book signing event, they will want to have me in all their stores. Kearney Nebraska has not had any big authors there doing any events …ever.  So this will be a cool fun time.spacer
I also had 50 flyers printed up that announce my book signing events. Stores can put them up to advertise the event. Make things as easy as possible for the store so they will want to host you.
This weekend is the Mile High Horror Film Festival that I will be attending on Friday and Saturday.You won’t recognize me because I will be hiding behind a costume with makeup on. 🙂 My editor is also a small business owner making interesting jewelry and decorative items for this niche market. If you like her stuff help her out and like her page. I would be so grateful if you did. Thanks. Leave her a message that you found her from my blog.

he is also my editor and one of my best friends, and she has a table this weekend showcasing her products. I am co-sponsoring her table and I will have a display of the book with free bookmarks. So if you happen to be at the film festival you can grab one of these goodies. They aren’t signed, but they are still really cool. If you’re a reader, shove it in your favorite book. That way you won’t forget that Angel Academy is coming out. spacer
The bookmarks, btw are super popular. I carry them with me everywhere and whomever I talk with I end up giving them one or two bookmarks. Women especially love the cartoonish Disneylike characters. Boys really dig Braeden, so it was really smart of me to double side the bookmark and put the “Sleeping Beauty” angel, Morgan on one side and the “Hercules” angel, Braeden on the other side. My smiling face is on both sides. spacer
I am sure you have not read through all my postings on the Facebook fan pages, so I’ll just reiterate for you now. Some of the cool things planned for Angel Academy is merchandising. My background is marketing so I have angel “Barbie” dolls planned. If it is actually Mattel that produces the dolls, that is to still be determined. Regardless, I can contract to have dolls made and marketed under the Angel Academy brand.  Next year look for angel dolls to go on Christmas trees. Ornaments of course would be a natural complimentary gift. I was thinking like Swarovski, only doing one ornament a year with one character; make it special.
I am also planing a couple of different events in the Denver area that I will be making appearances. One is a holiday event where I actually am bringing signed, wrapped books. The other is going to be at my church, Mile Hi Church. If you didn’t know I sing in the choir. We sing on the 3rd Sunday of every month. You can go online and stream the service and signing. You can actually see me, as I am in the front row. It is my only normally scheduled appearance as of right now. I was selected to sing in the descant, a small group of soloists, for this month. So be sure you tune in when I’m signing. You’ll be able to see and hear me for sure! I’m excited.
I am contemplating my own television show. It would be something of a talk show, interview type of show. The easiest thing would be to record it and then post it on YouTube and let everyone on my fan pages know about it.


You may have noticed that this blog different from other author’s blogs. No advertising, nothing blinking at you, popping up at you. Just my writing that you can read distraction-free. That’s how I like to read, I figured you’re a lot like me in that regard. I hope you enjoyed this blog.


You like to read. I like to write.  What a great combination we make.


I added a “subscription” at the bottom of the site. When I post a blog it will send you an email notification. My other blog my friends really liked that feature. Of course it will always post to Facebook and Twitter that there is a new blog. 


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