Authenticator Security

Do you know what the authenticator app is? It is a special app kind of like what we use to remote log into corporate servers. There is this six digit code that changes every 60 seconds. Microsoft now uses it for Windows login screens, Google uses it, Dropbox uses it, and if you have a WordPress website,  you should be using it too. So, let’s say someone somehow installed a virus or malware on your computer to try and steal your password … this app is a second level of defense, and actually probably your last level of defense. If they don’t have your app with your face to open the app, they will never find out that secret code. So if the hacker  knew your password, or  guessed it, they wouldn’t know the six digit code.
Personally I think credit cards like American Express should offer it as an option for members to guarantee their identity. They are quick to prevent fraud, but it would alleviate the question if it is an actual charge if they used the authenticator. Sure it is another step, but we are already doing it with sites that we use. The technical term is “Two Factor Authentication”. If you are using it, you should always safeguard your cell phone. I heard of a guy who got his phone stolen and the criminal used it to Zelle money to himself. Yeah, guess where those verification texts go? Yep, right to the thief.

After watching Inventing Anna on Netflix, I think it is a good idea to carry a credit card with a relatively low credit line. If you ever have to give a card that might be charged for more than your authorization (like $60k for a Moroccan hotel) the charge will be denied. “Here you can HOLD onto this card, but don’t charge it. You’re not going to charge it right?” hehehe … you can’t because I already maxed it out. 😉 The hotel — in Inventing Anna, DID charge the card without permission. I don’t know about you but if the hotel room is even close to $200 I am hesitant. I can’t imagine paying thousands upon thousands just to sleep in a bed. Crazy right? I guess when you are super rich you lose sight of the real value of money. And if gas prices make you cringe, I would recommend using a credit card that has reward points/paybacks. I figured my American Express Simply Cash card actually gives me back 7.5% for gas stations. So every little bit helps and adds up.