Bucket List Item – Check

Bucket List Item: Perform a solo at Mile Hi Church in front of a live audience. Check.


For years I dreamed/fantasized what it would be like holding a microphone singing on stage at my church. I am so blessed, thankful and my heart is so full of love. Dozens of people came up to me and told me they loved me and how great we sounded. People loved my bow tie.spacer

A special thank you to Stacey Landes for believing in me. The two songs actually were about believing. Our new minster, Rev. Shannon received my gift/book, and in her service she secretly acknowledged us as the “choir angels”. After I sang and was walking back to the riser she mouthed “thank you” to me. I know that the room was filled with angels.

spacerEvery minister got a beautifully wrapped present in rich red paper with a white silk ribbon. Of course it was signed and had a bookmark waiting at chapter 1. The presentation is as wonderful as the gift inside. Certainly out of 20 ministers ONE will want to give me a wonderful review. I would LOVE a minister endorsement right about now.spacer

I was told by several people that after my book comes out I better get used to being in front of big audiences, and then I can sing, talk, laugh, joke, tell stories, read a poem or whatever I want. I’m a heck of a dancer, I can do that too. Knowing that there were hundreds or even thousands of my fans watching all over the world really made a difference for me. Gratitude friends.


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