Claiming My Divinity


God is all there is. One divine presence that is in, around, of and through us all. God is everywhere. And everything is God.


God is my source. Infinite mind guides me into pathways of success, prosperity, and divine wisdom. I am created in the likeness of God, to experience what life is to be separated from the whole. I am God. The Christ consciousness resides within my spiritual awareness.


I now allow and accept my divine right of bounty of prosperity and abundance.  It is my birth right to experience this divine universal love to guide me with universal truth.


Thank you, thank you, thank you Universe!  I give thanks for the never-ending supply of prosperity that enters my life each and every day.


I send this intention to the Universal law projecting love. I ask this in perfect love and in perfect trust, letting go of all insecurities, fear and doubts. I project this to the Universe knowing it will be partnered with other like minded vibrations, to be blessed and multiplied to return to me times three.

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