Democrats control NOTHING

I will say it. This is my platform. There is a reason you can comment but not see the comments. Yep, because I control this domain. <evil laughter> No seriously, I don’t allow any negativity as it disrupts the harmonic vibration levels. Obviously many people voted for their republican local leaders, and chose to vote for a different mindset for the President. If the people REALLY wanted the democrats have control, they would have won more seats in the senate. There ARE 2 independent senators who are usually counted as democrats.


If you didn’t turn on any news media channel this week (other than me), then your soul wouldn’t have been sucked into the evil proceedings of a joke the impeachment of the president. If he wasn’t impeached and removed the FIRST time, what magic pill/drink did they take thinking it would work the second time? I know, I’m just shaking my head in disbelief. I’m not a lawyer, so I don’t know how the government officials can accomplish their task of preventing holding future office, but Biden just wrote a slew of executive orders, why can’t he write one that says if you are impeached, (regardless of outcome) you are done holding a government paid position? Yeah, that isn’t going to happen either.


I say hit him where it hurts the most, and the economy, the virus, and business leaders are doing just that. Trump properties worldwide are suffering financially. Contracts are cancelled, hotel co-owners are selling off their rooms at a huge loss. I actually stayed at Trump Las Vegas years ago before he was president. A couple of things I’ll throw out that I liked and didn’t like. First off, there is no casino in the hotel. So … if you like to gamble, you have to either walk or take an Uber, or shuttle to one of the hotels. Boo. If you are a high roller, I think they have a private car/driver for you. Everything is gold plated, or looks like gold. So if you like gold in your decor, then this is for you. If you like colors, and soft warm earthy decorating, then you will find the Mirage more to your tastes. Depending on what level/floor you stay, you may hate it. My friend got an upgrade to a one room suite. I know, right? Sweet. However, it was on the lower level and no view, and you heard the trains every … hour? Super annoying I was told. I don’t remember the year, but a one room condo was going for $165k, which was a super great deal as they sold originally new at $500-$600k. I know, crazy right? Why didn’t I buy? Uh, you need 20% in cash down and I don’t have that kind of money. Do YOU have $32k you can drop in the hat? Plus, I don’t live there and I couldn’t afford to vacation there that often. So, not a good choice for me. I just checked and you can get a studio for $190k. And if I am not mistaken, like the other hotel ownerships, you have to pay some sort of a monthly “fee”/HOA bullshit. Another thing is there is no coffee machine in any of the hotel rooms. Why? Because they want you to call room service. Caching. Nothing is free. I did like that since the hotel wasn’t very busy the pool was  basically empty. Of course it was July, so lounging at the amazing pool looking up at the gold windows was nice. The hotel is right across the street from the mall, so if you are on a budget, or you don’t want to order from the hotel food services, you can go across the street to the food court.


So now that congress is done name calling and crying for more attention, can we get our stimulus money like promised? I like to keep to my own motto’s… with one of them being “If it does not DIRECTLY involve me, then there is no need for me to get involved.” How useful this is for workplace gossip, shitty friends, and … well, you get the idea. Life is so much easier when you aren’t involved in everyone’s problems. So, it is nice that some people benefit from the stimulus, but life isn’t fair. No matter how hard the government tries to make things more fair, it just never will be.


You aren’t a therapist, the good Samaritan, the billionaire philanthropist, so why do we as individual citizens think that reposting some dumb meme on Facebook is going to change things? Yeah, I don’t do it. Fix yourself. Guide your children. Motivate your students. If you want to change things in government, then take a chance and write a letter to your representative. Call them. They have phones. Actions speak louder than words. Your voting dollar speaks immeasurable results when you have a supporting cast.



And if you are an international reader, then you probably don’t know that the United States is under attack, … this time from Jack Frost and Elsa. Yep, it is fÜcking freezing …actually below freezing everywhere. Snow, ice storms, and nasty car accidents and semi trucks crashing everywhere. Be cool. Stay warm. Stay home if you can. If you start rewatching the Avengers marathon you will see a ton of easter eggs. It is president’s day, so no mail, or banking services in the USA today.




Shout Out!

There are a few YouTube channels/personalities that I watch and learn from on a rather regular basis. And as you all know I am not paid by any sponsors, so I am not influenced by someone giving me something to say something nice. My YouTube runs through my Amazon Firestick, which I have split to 4 large screen tv’s in the mancave. Super cool when it is movie night. So my version does not show like or comments, or even how many subscribers that person has.


Okay I won’t beat around the bush. One of my favorite channels is “illuminaughtii“, aka Blair. I hear “Blair” and I think Gossip Girl. Totally not her, but she is hilarious. She investigates multi-level marketing companies and digs up all kinds of truths that would make you cringe. I learn new stuff all the time. Btw, she HATES MLM’s so if you are in one, buy from one, signed up for the discount, then you might not want to watch. She does drop the F bomb a lot, and her latest video on Qanon explains quite a bit. I highly recommend you head over and look her up and watch a few of her informative documentaries.



ColdFusion is another channel really worth watching. It is more of a company “why did they fail or succeed” channel. The fall of Nokia. The Google+ billion $ mistake. How Crackberry was destroyed by …. yep, you guessed it. The iPhone. Fascinating, yet worthless, Jeopardy trivia for you to entertain yourself.


Have you heard of “Ben Shapiro“? I guess he has millions of followers and he built an entire radio podcast/website show around his … uh, republican point of view. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled upon his channel. BUT I was a registered republican for most of my life, so some of the things he talks about I totally agree. Now, I of course, will never buy any of his products, NOR will I entertain the idea of using his recommendations. Why? Well, I just saw him recommending My Pillow. Gross. Plus, he fucking readings from a script, and no one has ever said, “Ben — you. talk. too. fucking. fast.” It’s not like he actually knows who I am or will ever read my blog/website. I’m not saying go subscribe, but go check it out and see if you learn something from a different perspective. If I remember correctly, his undergraduate degree was from HARVARD. I know, right? LAH DEE DAH. I personally think that college degrees are a little overrated. Wait, I have an MBA. Yeah, but honestly I really knew most of the stuff they taught … my undergrad is in business marketing. I did like project management and some of the HR classes.


CNN. Do you watch and get your news from CNN? Or do you watch FOX. There is also another channel called “TYT”.  They are “The Young Turks”. I had to turn CNN off for a little while. All they can talk about is impeaching the former President Trump. How about we just unplug and go into sleep mode for the next few days. Although I just want to point out when Trump said “dead people voted”, my response is, “Yeah FOR YOU. dumb ass.” Oh, and don’t forget the thousands and thousands of old nursing home republicans that died because of COVID. #CNN if you are listening, I am so sick and tired of you playing the same video of the officer yelling as he is crushed in the door. We get it. Stop playing it. In fact, I am instructing all my readers to give it a break and do something creative with their time, rather than sitting in front of the tv, monitor, iPad, or smartphone. Hey look at me! I’m creating new blogs every day because my readers have been asking for new content. How is your blog/website coming along?


ZoneOfTech is another really good channel. The dude has over a million followers and all he does is review Mac products (mostly) and actually any type of tech gear he happens to be interested in at the time. He is from the UK so he has a cool accent. As a member of the “Cult of Mac”, I have learned a lot on product reviews and product launches. Yes, still loving my apple watch. The SHOP app tells me immediately when my packages hit the front door. Coolest feature next to text and calls on my wrist.
If you have Disney+, like the millions of the world, then you might be aware of a new exclusive series called “WandaVision”. I am in the Marvel group on Facebook so before I started watching I read all kinds of comments. Enough for me to wait for at least 5 weeks of episodes that were available all at once. Episode 6 is available as of now. So if you haven’t seen it yet, or you are waiting for the whole season to be available, I won’t spoil it. However, I will give everyone a little background/inside comic book information. Wanda and her twin brother are the children of Magneto. She has the power to warp thought, into reality. In this new series, …. the “time” of when it is going on is kind of important. It starts out looking like “Bewitched” and is viewed in black and white and there is a studio audience, just like the tv show. Weird, but okay. So at first you might think she has traveled through time?? No.


Thanos has snapped his fingers, and half the world is dead. Vision is dead. The Avengers have not traveled through time to fix anything. Using her powers, and those absorbed by the MIND stone when she destroyed it, she creates a “dome” like bubble around a “perfect” community/home. In doing so, she has also trapped hundreds of humans in her bubble, and they are brainwashed to play along. So if that isn’t enough for you to take interest, Kevin Feige from Marvel, has thrown in some cool fun personalities. The “Bad Mom’s” … really bad mom, is in it. I can’t remember her name. Sorry. The Asian dad from “Fresh off the boat”, and the weird astrophysicist, Kat, from Thor. Each episode is a different time frame. The 50’s-60’s/black and white era, the 70’s, the 80’s. The episode that released today is a Halloween episode (I know, weird timing), so you can’t really tell the era. Shout out to #marvel for the retro costume for Wanda. I love it. I used to say Wanda looked like the pink/red Playboy bunny (in the comics). So … knowing these things, makes the show more enjoyable. If you just sit down to it, and have never watched a Marvel movie, or read a comic book, you are probably going to hate it. A lot of people really didn’t like watching black and white shows, and some people (like me) are so tired of the 70’s and 80’s. So knowing that, could you skip 1 & 2 and start on 3? Well YEAH! But it is only 39 minutes or so, and there are worse painful things to be watching. Like the uprising over in southeast Asia. The first two shows aren’t that bad, and if you like the Bad Mom’s actress, you will like the first episode. I know, it was really confusing to me too, and when started the pilot, I shut it down and said “Oh no. I don’t have time to be confused.”


Shout out to my new favorite steak restaurant, #Gallaghers in Las Vegas, in the New York casino. Years of visiting Vegas, and gazing into their perfectly cooled glass cases of dry aged premium beef, I finally was able to taste what rich people eat. Dude, it was $50 for my New York strip. Yeah, I’ve never paid that much for one piece of steak in my life! I think $30 is the most I’ve splurged, and that was during Denver Restaurant Week. It was absolutely delicious and everyone should go there at least once. I’d be perfectly happy if they did room service with Gallaghers. But I doubt it as you have to have reservations a month in advance. Remember you drink for free at the slots, so do you REALLY need to have a drink with that steak? I did and it was an $8 Budlight. Oh well. They didn’t give you salt or pepper. And I had to ask for crackers for my oysters, which they charged me a $1. Nice.

Las Vegas Review: Secrets on winning

The NEW welcome to Vegas Sign

Do you like the excitement, glamour and glitz of Las Vegas? Do you play slots? Like nice dinners every now and then? Yeah, me too. Since my birthday is in July, that is when I have been visiting Vegas. However, due to the pandemic, like everyone else, I have been putting my life on hold and staying home. After watching several YouTubers doing walking tours of Vegas, and seeing how things have changed so much I decided now was a good time to go visit again. I personally hate crowds, waiting in long lines, slowly walking like a dinosaur behind slow pokes. After you finally find that perfect machine you then have to wait because someone is hogging it. There are some downsides, such as needing a reservation at every restaurant, months in advance. Fortunately for me, I made reservations via the Open Table app immediately. Just so you know, there are no “shows”, most attractions are closed, and even a lot of the stores are closed as they can’t keep it sanitized. Decide where you want to eat in advance and make sure you can get reservations for your meals. Otherwise you might just be eating fast food, and that’s okay too. White Castle, In-N-Out, Chik-fil-A are all options if you don’t mind that kind of cuisine.



So here are some things that made this trip extremely enjoyable, so I though I would share it with my readers. Right now there are some amazing deals going on for flights to get people to Vegas. In order for me to get my desired times, I had to use two carriers, which turned out to not be such a bad deal. I left Friday morning at 7 am, going out Spirit. Like all the airlines they charge for every extra, but that is sort of to be expected. I chose to upgrade to the front row seat after I bought my ticket and added a carry on bag. My row only had two seats with a nice armrest between us. Ample leg room and since most people are not paying for a carry on bag, people get seating quickly without holding up the aisle by shoving all their shit in the overhead compartment. Flying back Frontier was an upgraded seat as well but with a window view. I was fortunate that there was no one in the middle seat and the next seat over was a pilot flying standby/home. The trip to Vegas I watched the new movie “The Little Things” out now, starring Denzel Washington, and Jared Leto. I highly recommend downloading your latest favorite 2-3 hour movie to your device as this really does make a huge difference for trip attention deficit entertainment. Also be sure to bring a dark pair of sunglasses as there are no clouds in Vegas and it is always super bright. Dress in layers as it gets hot outside, and you get chilly in the air conditioned casinos.


So some of the winning strategies for a great time include joining every casino member rewards program. They give you a plastic card that you put into machines. You get points that turn into cool benefits, like a free hotel room. If you are military or veteran you will get an automatic upgrade to the next tier level. MGM owns a boat load of casinos, I won’t go into all of them, but if you stay at the Mandalay Bay end, then almost all of those use the same card. I had always wanted to stay at Mandalay and had heard good things. It was no disappointment. It was super fancy and any king, queen or some level of royalty would feel right at home. What impressed me the most was my early check in, contact-less, and my smartphone digital key. Not once did I ever have to talk to an employee to get my room. Also as a safety precaution, you needed your key to operate the elevator to guest rooms. Another reason to have a rewards card is FREE DRINKS. Okay, so we all know that everything from water to alcohol is expensive to buy it yourself. Sure it is tempting, but why pay for it when you can get it free? Including your morning coffee. So rather than standing in line at Starbucks or where ever, pull out your stash of cards and shove it into a machine, drop in a $100, and a waitress magically shows up asking what you would like for a drink. I ordered coffee and gave her a $2 bill. Of course they will bring you water (normally $5 on the strip), a coke, a beer, whatever, … just as long as you are playing. Having the rewards card tells them you are a loyal patron and they want to make sure you have a good experience. Keep in mind though it takes awhile for them to make it back, to ensure you have fed enough money into the machine. Another reason to have those players cards is you are less likely to get carded. That is if you look young. I hate those stupid bracelets they put on you because they think you are too young to be there. You can’t get a players card without a drivers license.


Keep in mind that if you stay on the strip to gamble, you will be less likely to win. We went to Fremont Street and it rained money on us the entire time. We also went to Circus Circus, where they actually have silver dollar slots where you put a real coin in and real coins come out. Playing an older machine, that is less glamour and boring will pay out more in small amounts, but more frequently. If a machine does not pay out within SIX button presses or handle bar pull, then you must CASH OUT/COLLECT and move on to another machine. You are there to make money, so don’t fall prey and just feed it money. I keep a billfold wallet full of $1 & $2 bills. The $2 bills are for anyone in the service industry. It ensures they remember me and give me good service. It is too tempting to put in a twenty and lose it in minutes. Put in a buck and hit max bet. I did that and won $99. Cash out, move along, find the next lucky machine. Never play machines by the front door, restrooms or escalators. Those machines are put there to draw you in as you wait for someone, and rarely pay out large amounts.



In my room I was greeted with a very large room, and a welcome kit with hand sanitizer and a fancy face mask with a custom Mandalay Bay logo patch sewn on the front. The tv also converted into the airport arrival board, so you could quickly see if your flight is on time. Since my room was comp’d for free, I didn’t have an issue paying the $39 daily resort fee, for towels at a pool I couldn’t access since it was closed. WiFi that I didn’t need since my 5G is faster. They did sneak in a daily $10 beverage charge for something that I couldn’t figure out. So one night ended up still charging $59 to my American Express platinum card. I liked it there and would visit again. However, I did have an issue with my neighbors throwing a party. Screaming, laughing, shouting into their phones. By 10 I called guest services and asked for them to quiet down the partiers. They play by the 3 strike rule. If you get 3 noise complaints you are evicted that night and banned from all MGM properties. That usually gets people to call TF down. Also props to them for having a dedicated Uber/Lyft pickup drop off spot. Wandering from casino to casino it can get very confusing, so knowing your hotel has a good one is very advantageous.  NEVER take a taxi. Always tell your Uber driver you visit all the time, and please take the highway for a 5 star review. I also throw out that I was a Lyft/Uber driver years ago when it was fun and safe. Covid and all. They get it and know you can screw their rating. Btw, if you didn’t know, all passengers (PAX) also have a secret rating. If you tip well, they will score you 5 also. I have a 5 star rating as I always tip well, I don’t make them wait for me, and I promise to give them a 5 star rating. That gives me experienced drivers with a 4.9 or higher rating. I personally know of passengers who got a 1 star rating and NO driver will pick them up. Ever. Damage the car. 1 star. Throw up. 1 star. You get the picture. I get a closer, faster driver than the average Joe who just downloaded the app with no rating. I always tell them I love their car (even if I don’t), and thank them for a 5 star experience and please give me 5 stars too.




So if you like to play slots, then Vegas is THE place to be. Giant floor to ceiling screens run by Microsoft Windows, to suck you in, get you to play more and pay more. In the end, most are much poorer. Due to the fact that it is run by software, tells you right away that the machines are programmed to perform certain tasks. Take. Your. Money. So how do you win? Can you be one of those winners? Yes. No. Maybe. First off, do not play a machine immediately after it has paid out big. Talk to the person who was playing. Did they win big or just insert a ticket from another machine, play a few games, and then cash out the ticket. That makes a difference. Remember in the old days, the machines were the boring BARS and lucky 7’s. They worked on a coin based system. The machine had to take in more money than it was paying out, and it was a timing mechanism, and some even worked on a scale/weight used. My personal strategy is to win a lot of low paying machines rather than going for the gold. Never play a progressive machine. Those are tied into some network where you can see in real time how much money people are losing at once. Crazy right? If you recognize your favorite character then that machine has something called royalties and or copyright licensing that needs to be paid. So stay away from Vanna, Carrie Bradshaw, the Flintstones, and definitely Homer. Yes, they look cool, they are fun and make neat sounds but you won’t likely win as much, if at all.


Vegas has almost returned to normal. Colorado has more safety precautions, as they clean the machine after someone touches it. Not so much in Vegas. Take hand sanitizer and wash your hands a lot and you should be fine. As gross as it sounds, people still do not wash their hands after using the restroom. Remember that when you touch the SPIN button.


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Facebook vs. Parler

73,923,495 people voted republican. Why did I only lose 1 person on Facebook? Oh wait, she is now requesting me to be a friend, … again. Where was this Facebook mass exodus for Parler? For the record, I voted for Harris, just like the other 80 million legally registered voters in the United States. I actually thought I would have this huge decline in “friends” on Facebook. There are some very vocal people who think they can persuade their own circle/network to think like they do. Interesting concept, but that only works for so long.



Believe it or not, there are thousands of women who “think” they can change their boyfriend once he is their husband. And that ladies and gentlemen is the reason why there is such a high divorce rate in the United States. NEWSFLASH: You can’t change someone unless he/she wants to change, and even then you cannot modify someone’s behavior to suit your needs … long term. Oh sure you can manipulate someone to get your way, once or twice.



So what is Parler you may ask? Another new social media platform/app that I have to download, update a profile and try to connect with friends/family/role models? Yikes! Okay, I will be the first to admit that I am sort of set in my ways. There are some “things” that I don’t really want to partake in on a daily or weekly basis. Another social media platform … or I guess in this case, an alternative to Facebook. But is it really an alternative platform when it is secretly a place for grown ass adults to go and bitch about things they have no control over? Hmm… I am going to go with the latter. I took I look at their website, and it appears to be a “free speech” platform where users can bitch about Biden and the election and not get banned/muted/Facebook jailed for doing so. Okay, I get it. You can also write your own blog on your website with no restrictions. Complaining doesn’t get results, and it certainly doesn’t accomplish anything on a positive level. Negativity changes your “vibration” within the universe and as you may know, also causes you to attract negative things in your life. We are all spiritual magnets, and you can attract some negative people very easily. You have heard the phrase “birds of a feather flock together”? Misery loves company.



Now I have not joined so I don’t really know all the tea, but I do know that people are spending way too much time on their smartphones on time wasting apps. If you know me personally, then you know I am usually busying doing “something” and scrolling aimlessly for hours is not one of them. Facebook in general I think is pretty toxic. It used to be a place where you could go and see fun updates about your friends and family. Unfortunately, most of my friends are not writers or authors, and those who are rarely post any actual content of their own. However, many of my republican advocates have REposted various content that usually is just false data that has not been verified. I will be very happy when we go back to a society where lies are not accepted and making false accusations should have serious detrimental consequences. Many of these same supporters also believe that the coronavirus is a conspiracy or a hoax. Just when you think people can’t get any stupider, they pull shit like this. I personally know of a handful of people who have DIED, so there is no trying to pull the wool over my eyes and think that it is a bad case of the flu and those people died of something else. WTF. No. Science and statistical data results are not the liars.


The scary thought that crosses my mind, is what if the virus has serious long term effects like getting shingles from chickenpox? Thousands upon thousands got exposed to the virus, and many did recover … for now. Thousands upon thousands report constantly feeling weak, no strength, tired, and it is always hard to breathe. We have no data as to what happened to all the vape smokers and their outcome after COVID19. I did watch a video of Alyssa Milana, former Wen spokesperson and Charmed actress, where she is losing clumps of hair when gently brushing her hair. I don’t know about you, but I would probably think that would be a big concern for someone who uses her looks for income. I also don’t want to just lose my hair as an after effect of the virus. We are on the brink of a vaccine/preventative measure. People just need to chill TF out for another couple of months. Start your manuscript. Write your autobiography. For those that are dumb shits and think they are immune, go ahead and write your obituary. I personally did this once as a group writing exercise and it amazing how YOU see your life, versus someone else see it. No one ever “thinks” that it is going to happen to them. Dying that is. If you think about it, you probably have enough supplies to last you for another 30-45 days. I know I have lots of cans of soup in my kitchen. When I was really poor I used to eat rice and egg drop soup. It was cheap and easy to make and it filled me up. Plus with all those eggs, I was getting tons of protein. You bought all those dvd’s years ago on new release day Tuesday. Do you know ALL the lines from each movie? Can you play the “What movie did this quote come from” and always win? I can’t.




In in case you missed all the sales for Black Friday, Cyber Monday is tomorrow and there certainly will be more opportunities for you to spend your voting dollars. Despite the Nintendo Switch and PS5 sold out everywhere, Switch users can go to the eStore and download games at a huge discount. My console is already loaded with games for that rainy day, so I did not get any additional new games. Legend of Zelda Age of Hyrule is waiting for me. I saw online that someone has already beat the game and I can’t get past level 1. Emoji Laugh GIF - Emoji Laugh Lol - Discover & Share GIFsI did watch a cool YouTube video of all the cut scenes made into one. Actually, I saved it to watch it later, as it is almost 2 hours long. Yeah, I know crazy right? If the cut scenes are that long, how many hundreds of hours will it take to finish the game? If you have long hair, did you check out my first YouTube video? I’ll be making another one this week. I got a new hair straightening device I saw on an infomercial. It is crazy cool how it rotates and smooths your hair. Check out my Instagram profile picture. I usually wear my hair in a bun. I tell you, I could totally be an actor or something. I have so many different looks. And with the power of make-up, who knows? Ordinary people get discovered on Instagram more than any other platform.

Although, technically I am writing and producing my YouTube talk show. One thing I have noticed, which most artists don’t do … is market themselves very well. I will be watching something and have no idea who they are. So, with my videos I’ll have my name displayed at all time. Most of my viewers will already know me. I haven’t announced my channel on any of my social media … yet. Why? Well, just like a Facebook page, you really need to wait until you have at least 30 minutes of content/scrolling. If you don’t have very much, people might visit, see you have nothing to entertain them, and they may never come back. I have also noticed that every single YouTube artist tells you to like and subscribe to their channel. I haven’t. Why? Well, I don’t know after one video if I am going to want to see more. It literally took me 20 videos before I subscribed (not liked) Tati. Tati is a beautiful super model YouTube artist/influencer who is super fun to watch and learn beauty product recommendations. What can I say? She is entertaining.


Best Buy is running their sales all weekend. Friday morning I scored a new 27″ monitor. They have a 49″ gaming monitor on sale for $750! Normally $999. Too bad my Switch wouldn’t translate into a monitor like that. I wonder if the new PS5 will be full screen for the first person shooter games?

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YouTube TV

In the world of sales and marketing, it is a proven fact that is is easier to sell more to an existing customer than it is to acquire a new one. When I was a sales leader at Best Buy, we focused on organic growth.  That is, taking the existing customer base and simply increase the average sale by $10. Which would result in millions of additional revenue company wide. In theory if a customer is already happy, then they will also explore other products and services.



So as you know I have been a regular subscriber to YouTube Premium (no commercials), and I decided to explore their other product, YouTube TV. Why you may wonder? I decided it was a better alternative to traditional cable. In my case, it was Dish Network, Echostar. It was years and years go that I initially signed up with them, and my technology was old, my dvr was full, and I was being charged WAY too much for what I was getting. I was paying over $150 a month for cable channels that do not have any new programming due to COVID. Not their fault, but I find myself reaching for other online entertainment, including my recently renewed Netflix DVD movies that now show up in my mailbox twice a week.

I no longer go to Redbox as the DVD feature is so much easier than having to leave the house to go to an actual physical Redbox. YouTube TV gives you a DVR library for cable channels like HGTV, and all the local channels like abc, nbc, cbs, fox, and a ton of other cable channels, all for just $64.99 a month. I also get live streaming for almost all the sports channels. I get college football live, and it saves all the Husker games for me to watch whenever. If you weren’t aware, the Mandalorian season 2 has started again on Disney+.  I make sure to watch a couple of movies a month so I get my moneys worth. American Express platinum members get $20 a month credit for streaming services. So, technically I’m not paying for it, but I still want to use it on a regular basis. You can stream YouTube TV on 3 devices at a time, so that really isn’t a problem, since who watches tv in three rooms at once? I mean, if you have a large family, then some people just might have to share. Darn. When I was a kid, everyone in the house watched ONE tv and we argued and fought over what we watched. Kids these days are just spoiled.


YouTube Premium – Network Marketing

I would have to think that most people have an idea of what YouTube is, and probably have watched a few videos. If you don’t know what it is, (it happens) it is a video platform that allows people and businesses to share videos for free. There is no fee to watch or a membership to join, however, if you don’t join their premium plan with a monthly fee, you will be inundated with annoying ads. You literally cannot watch an entire video without it interrupted multiple times.
So if you were not aware, those ads are what keep YouTube semi-free. Manufacturers spend millions of dollars to get you to buy their product or service. The same model that is used for television, however, now things have changed around a bit, as literally ANYONE can start a YouTube channel. Due to this aspect, the internet has brought forth a plethora of knowledge, educating and informing millions. Remember back in the day when you wanted to hear a song, you waited until it came on the radio? Then Mtv debuted and you could watch the videos. It was awesome. YouTube allowed budding artists, and well known musicians the ability to broadcast to anyone, for free. How awesome is it to listen to all your favorite songs, and cover bands for free? I love it. I dealt with the ads for years, tolerating them, watching them, understanding that those ads are what keep those videos free. But wait a second … most of those ads, probably all of them were created by individual artists, NOT YouTube. Yet it is YouTube that is collecting all the money. Sort of, … YouTube stars are paid real money for people watching those ads. However, you have to have a lot of subscribers in order for that to happen. So enough advertisements for me, and I joined premium and it is so nice. One thing that I like is I can play background music, and I don’t get interrupted, or stopped with a message asking if I am still there. Netflix, I am talking to you.


New Favorite Channels

I have to say I really enjoy the chakra healing reiki meditation music. Evidently some of these channels play at a harmonic frequency that is enlightening to your soul. There are also channels that play soundtrack music, so Harry Potter or the Lord of the Rings can be your soundtrack. There literally is a YouTube about anything you could want to learn more about — like how to light your pilot light on your furnace. I also found some channel on guys growing their hair long. As you know I am on a long hair journey, and for the first time in my life found myself in an area that I wasn’t very educated. The wash and go days are over. There is also a channel by iiLuminaughtii, hosted by Blair who debunks a lot of “things”. I seriously have laughed so much listening to her talk about everything from the fall of Monsanto to the pyramid antics of multi-level marketing. She can be a little uncouth at times so be prepared for an earful. If you are involved in an MLM, I have nothing against them, and by no means am I trying to offend anyone. The reality is that those types of companies are sneaking around labor laws, and technically – unofficially breaking the law. What? What do you mean? Well, in the United States of America, if you work a job, you get paid an hourly wage. UNLESS, you are the owner, a contract employee, or family. Network marketing companies trick people into working hundreds of hours …. for free. They call it “investing in your business”. Many try to convince you it is like being a realtor and you get paid when you make the sale. Real estate agents work countless hours and may never sell the house. Is that fair? Is it legal? Yes, and no. Are you a real estate agent? Well, if you are, then you get a semi-fat commission check one day if/when you sell that house. In network marketing, you get pennies on the hours you spent trying to get that one sale. Now if you are in that company simply to get a discount, they Hey! I applaud, you … you are smarter than most consumers who pay retail prices for products they desire. What you do with your free time is totally your thing.


It is Labor Day in the USA, and most people have the day off. But since most people are at home 24/7 it’s not like a real holiday other than there is no bank or mail services.  Colorado is still on fire and the air outside hazy and hard to breathe. And to top it off, yesterday it was 100 degrees and today it is going to snow. Yeah, cray cray. I think God just got tired of no one listening to him since they aren’t going to church and decided to shut everything down. I asked him for the snow, which will turn to rain and put out the fires. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it works.


Check out the hazy Colorado sky.


What is going to happen to our world?

The Global Economic State

Many of my fans and followers have been spending a lot of time reading the blogs, mostly as an escape, but many are also here to learn. Education at this point, is not so grand. I had a student tell me he learned more in my blogs than he ever did in school. Wow, that is quite the compliment, and warms my heart. Yes, I am a repository of a boatload of information. I totally get it. I mean, who wants to learn about history and math? Not me.
So, to address my topic, I was asked to shed some light as to my perspective of what is going on in the world with the coronavirus as well as the United States political economy. I have also had a large number of young voters who are looking to me for some guidance as to whom he/she should vote for this election in November. You would think that a lot of kids would look to their parents for guidance, but you also have to remember, there are thousands and thousands of children who have no such parent or role model. Whom do YOU look up to for advice about life decisions? If there is no mom or dad, then what? Did you see the Netflix show 13 Reasons Why? Wow, talk about some kids who have really bad role models. What if your dad left your mom and she was junkie bringing home nasty guys from the bar to have sex with while you are in the next room? Exactly. The world is a beautiful ugly place to live right now. There is fear, terror and most of, evil in this world. Let me repeat that. There is evil in this world. Now you can try to go around and point fingers and attempt to place blame on one person, or conspiracy theory.  But at the end of the day, what does that exactly accomplish? You are still you.

What Would Aaron Do?

So, a long time ago, I had a padewan/student who said I was a great role model. And rather than losing a temper, would pause and think what my response/reaction would be to the situation. Wow. That is pretty cool. I like to think I make the smart right choices in life, relationships, work, and friendships. First of all, I have watch Contagion, like a dozen times. If you haven’t seen it, you need to watch it. I also watched Carriers, with Chris Pine a few times. Needless to say, I am sort of a germaphobe. I carry Clorox wipes and spray everywhere I go. Not to gross you out, but there literally millions of men that never wash their hands after using the toilet. Disgusting. If you just imagined one of those guys touched what you are about to touch, you would wipe it off too. So, keeping things I touch clean and not going out in public very often. Okay, I need things. Groceries, so I go when the store opens at 6 or 7 am when there is no one there and I am in and out. Boom. Nothing dirty to touch or get sick or infected. Now there are a lot of media outlets and even some well known celebrities that are posting things on social media that the virus is fake, that people aren’t really dying from it, the flu is more dangerous, …. you get the idea. Well, what do “I” think? I think I need to do everything in MY power to stay safe, keep living this sabbatical, and use the time wisely to create some terrific content for future events.
The reality is, people are going to die. Do you really need to be one of them? I don’t want to die. Is it so difficult to cherish the time in my castle and pick up an old book to read, or revisit an old manuscript? As I type this blog I have soft meditation music playing in the background to raise my harmonic vibration.

Rock the Vote

So if you were living under a rock, just got out of jail, woke up from a coma, or just landed on earth, … welcome!  I just wanted to share with you that in the last three years or so, there has been all kinds of ruckus in the United States, and unfortunately the school shootings have transferred to blacks being killed by police officers. Now that is not exactly everything, but it has caused all kinds of protests and marches. The leadership in this country hasn’t exactly been remarkable and the President was impeached this year, but due to dirty politicians, the Senate, did not approve it as there are more republicans than democrats. So basically the president is a liar, cheater, thief, and is immoral, and most of America seems to be okay with it. At least the racist hating republicans anyway. Hey there are racist democrats and independents too, so I’m not calling out one group over the other.
Hate is hate, and if you know me, then you know that sort of negative energy is self destructive. I like to focus on the love, not the hate. I love that I will get a tax return someday. I love that I can drive around with expired new car tags. I love that I still am healthy and keeping a positive mindset. I love that my readers leave me comments how I have inspired or helped them. Or in some cases, gotten a free lunch due to my content/articles.
So if you are undecided as to whether you should vote republican or democrat this November, I am going to tell you I am voting for Joe Biden. As you know, I am from Nebraska. Last year when the floods hit Nebraska, Trump did nothing for my fellow friends in the next state. When I was in the Walmart shooting in Thornton, Trump did not even acknowledge it or even tweet shit about it. So yes, I have personal feelings towards the serial pathological liar.
Alrighty, so here comes the hot stepper. Many of you were wondering when I was going to throw out some marketing statistics and “things”. First off, let’s talk about the thousands of voters dying everyday. We all know that old people are dying way faster. Cancer I think is still up there for high number of deaths. And I am only focusing on registered voters. I am not going to even GO there — kids missing. So first off, at a local level, we all know we vote for local issues. School bonds, funding, judges, and also some bigger issues, like senators and congress representatives. Oh yes, and this year, is THE commander in chief, mister president. Most people don’t understand economics or politics or government. Shit, most people can’t balance a checkbook or even have a monthly or yearly budget. Perhaps another day for an article on those topics.
For now I want those young  people to understand that in order for good and evil to balance each other out, those local senators votes are more important. It is BULLshit that one man is above the law. So it is my duty to come forward, speak out to young impressionable minds and tell you that regardless  who you vote for as president, the democrat senators must get your vote.  Now in Colorado that is a done deal. Former governor John Hickenlooper is running against askhole Corey Gardner. Basically he and Governor Jared Polis changed positions. Since the last election, there are less voting registered republicans and thousands more democrats keep moving to the state. Last election, millions of voters decided to sit it out and not vote. And now this is what happened.
Every day hundreds of minors turns 18. Every day an old dying baby boomer republican also dies. With the virus I bet the number is even higher, but they don’t report on what political parties are dying and at what rate.

Well that is all for now, I hope you enjoyed it. If you are not registered to vote, do it now.


If I had a Billion Dollars!

Lately the Powerball lottery has been on everyone’s mind.  Gosh, who wouldn’t want a billion dollars? I know the answer to that one also. Anyone who believes that gambling is a sin, will not participate in such activities. I imagine if you are already a billionaire like Zuckerboy then you don’t buy a lottery ticket either. The odds are so unbelievable, but yet, years go by and eventually there is a winner, or winners.


It’s a pipe dream fantasy. Rescued from your financial responsibilities and live the life of a king or queen. I don’t think gambling is a sin, so I bought ONE ticket. Unlike the millions of gamblers, I am one of the few that would actually tithe my part back to my spiritual source. If I was placed in the same situation 2 years ago, that would not have been my answer or immediate response. Money makes you only “more of” what you were before. Many say that they would give to charity and then I ask what charities they give to now … many don’t give, but think IF they won money they would give. Maybe they would, but most wouldn’t.


A long time ago in life I discovered a little secret about life. You don’t have to win the Powerball to get what you want in life. Let me say that again. You don’t have to win the lottery to get what you want in life. Believe it or not, but those are some powerful words my friend. When I was younger, I wanted a Bowflex. At that point in my life, I did not have the disposable income to purchase a Bowflex so I kept wishing. I later realized the power of credit, and voila! No Powerball needed to get what I wanted. I also wanted a big screen tv. Now keep in mind, this was in the 90’s when people still watched 27″ tube glass tv’s. The one at Best Buy was $2k, which was a lot of money for me at the time. Again, wished for the Powerball with no results. Instead I got a part-time job at Best Buy and I used all my earnings to pay for the big 60″ rear projector tv. My boss got really nervous when I purchased the tv with my earnings, as he was afraid I was going to terminate my employment since I had achieved my goal.


I have also discovered that each of us needs to have some sort of purpose to feel happy. If you had all the free time you could possibly imagine, after awhile you would get bored and need some sort of stimulation. But those things only last for a little while and your active inner child lusts for more. You think that you would read those books on your list, travel the world, and shop like a Kadashian. But all of those things also just occupy your time. Material objects only satisfy your needs temporarily.


Time is a luxury that is afforded to everyone exactly the same every day. How you choose to spend it is up to you, … most of the time. While you still have the financial commitment, you may hang onto that job.
So to answer the question of my article today, what would I do with a billion dollars? I would start by using the free publicity to promote my book of course. “International #3 Best-Selling Author of Angel Academy wins Powerball.” With that kind of budget I could paper every magazine with a full page ad of the book. God’s message would be read/heard by everyone. I like that idea. Of course 10% to God. 39% to Federal, and also to the State.  Another percentage to the accountant, financial planner, and the lawyer. Sounds a lot like the publishing industry as the author usually gets the last cut.
One of the things that I would like to do if I had investment money is build 2 Runza restaurants in Denver. Actually, one would be next to Cabela’s in Thornton, and the other would be at Denver International Airport in the main concourse. Part of it would be purely selfish as I love Runza’s and so do millions of other Nebraska visitors/alum.  It would be a genius cash cow investment.


Colorado is such a magnificent place to live. It is rather unfortunate our housing costs continue to rise, pushing many people out and preventing others from entering. I’d like to invest in a tiny apartment community targeting millennials and anyone who wanted to live a tiny lifestyle. I’m thinking 1,000 apartments at $500 a month all inclusive. Running on solar and other techy cool advances would make it super desirable. My imagination and design skills would make it spectacular. If it did well, build more. With all the new light-rail stations built between downtown and the airport I’m sure it would be successful.

Confused with hastags? #hashtags

Welcome to the 21st century


Where the little tic tac toe, from your old dial tone phone is now called something else. It’s called a hash tag.


I know, it sounds like the stupidest thing to rename something that we all call a pound symbol. Either way it doesn’t really matter what you call it, it matters what you do with it, what you label, and how you retrieve it. It is also very important when it comes to gaining new readers.

Chances are you might know what these little doo hickeys are, but if you don’t then you are in good hands. No one actually taught me about them but I figured them out and have been making them work for me quite well for some time.

Basically because Twitter only gives you 140 characters, you had to somehow “code” your tweets so you could find them again, and other people could find them. It is a code that starts with a # and is followed by a word. They need to be connected #twitter, and they are not case-sensitive. You can use capitals but it won’t matter.


Twitter started the hashtags, but its popularity quickly jumped to other mainstream social media, including Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and many more. Many companies and products have created their own hashtags to brand themselves.

I have used my own #QuotesByAaronMstephens when I write something and think I may want to read it again. It also is helpful for people to find your updates. So if people know this is MY hashtag, then they can easily pull it up without having to go through so many thousands of tweets or posts.

Once I started using hashtags that were more common for people to think of, I started gaining more followers. Now I use them for SEO and search engine relevance. When you are in WordPress composing a new post, there are tags you can use which are in your article/blog.

These are actually just like hashtags, but for search engines. If you are just randomly throwing in illogical words, it is going to have a negative effect on your rankings.  I would say that only 10% of bloggers who understand SEO actually use these hashtags, tags and categories correctly.


I have experimented using different hashtags, using ones that are trending, and also posting things without hashtags. It is safe to say that you should ALWAYS use at least one hashtag. I am a writer, so I use a lot of writing reference hashtags.

I have a lot of readers who are authors, aspiring and published, and they look to me for education. “If it is working for Aaron, then it can work for me.”  Some easy to remember hashtags can be #blog #write #writer #author #indie . There are millions of people who love to read blogs. You might be one of them. Make things easy for your reader. If they know they can find you or your blog by a clever or common hashtag, you will gain more followers/readers.

Be a messenger and share your new found knowledge with a friend.


Tiny House Movement

Did you know that there are thousands if not millions of homeowners who are sizing down? Big houses are out and smaller more efficient houses are in now. Believe it or not, I know a ton of stuff about economics. It actually was my passion when I first started my undergraduate degree. I did a lot of research on the demographics of generations. For instance, my grandma was called the “Bob Hope” generation. Most of you don’t even know who that is. That’s okay. Everyone has heard of the Baby Boomers. I guess they didn’t have good birth control back then.

After them came the Generation X’ers or as I like to call them, the Nintendo Generation. That is what I am, part of the X group. There was another group that was called Generation Y, but I think after realizing how different this group is, you couldn’t just lump them in as the next letter. I know, lame right? So they sort of named themselves the Millennials.  So you take the Boomers who now are about 75 million and the Millennials which are 82 million, and you have the largest buying group in history ever. What happens when both of those generations want smaller houses? Tiny houses? You have a movement.

The best way to discover the Tiny House movement is to just start looking. Go Google it, look on Pinterest, and go watch Tiny Nation on the DIY channel. Go like some pages on Facebook and you will quickly find all kinds of articles, pictures and websites dedicated to Tiny Houses.  Tiny living is something that some parts of the world already know and are near and dear to their heart. NYC, Paris, Sweden, Hong Kong are just a few place that have learned to adjust due to a lack of space. San Francisco is another place with really high-priced housing for little amounts of space. Portland actually has its own community of tiny homes.

A tiny home can be as small as 115 square feet and up to 500 square feet. Many tiny homes are actually built on a flatbed trailer and can be pulled by a truck. Most cities have ordinances in place that prohibit small houses/dwellings. A flatbed tow gets around this. Lots of people actually park their tiny house in their friend’s backyard.

I found out this weekend at the Denver Home Show I found out that there is a new Tiny Home hotel that is being constructed in Lyons Colorado. Lyons is just outside of Estes Park, and would be about an hour or so to get there. I think it would be cool to go stay in a tiny house for a little while before actually investing and building one.

The name of the new little tiny hotel is called “Wee Casa”. A queen bed is $179 USD a night and $199 for 2 queen beds. One of the tiny houses I saw had a Murphy bed, just one bed, and was a little more spacious. Obviously the more people you have in a small space the smaller it is going to feel. Kids, pets and luggage and you don’t have a lot of room. Just keep that in mind. Ideally I think a tiny house is perfect for two people or one person and a pet.

Keep in mind that many hotel rooms are larger in size than a tiny house. This type of living, amazingly is appealing to a lot of people. It was the busiest part of the home show. Millennials are not so much into hoarding possessions.  Boomers are scaling down and living simpler. Keep in mind that a lot of people can’t afford a house. There is only a limited amount of affordable housing anywhere. It is difficult for people to save up 10 or 20% for a down-payment. A tiny house is around 50k built for you. I happen to know you can get it done a lot cheaper than that.

Personally I love living outdoors. When you have a tiny home you extend your living space outside. I do that already. I have my hammock and desk outside. Plenty of sitting places. I like to work outside. I can see myself building a really nice tiny house and then parking it somewhere in the mountains, or at my family’s property in Pensacola Florida.


So if you have ever wondered about a tiny house and wanted to see one up close and personal, the Denver Home Show is still going on today at the National Western Complex. It is a fun afternoon of seeing all kinds of cool stuff for your home, indoor or out. Tuff Shed is smart. They are converting and decorating small sheds into things like a Man Cave or a yoga studio and even one as an office.  If you don’t plan on moving it around, then getting a Tuff Shed is a lot smarter option. You can still put a sofa bed in one of those, a desk, small fridge, burner. There just is no water or sewage. You can get a Tuff Shed for a few thousand, versus 50 – 60 thousand.

 Tiny homes are the next big thing.