Drop the Cookie

I was told once that I have no right whatsover to tell a parent how to raise their kids, BECAUSE (ready for it?) I have no kids of my own. Wait. What? Yep, that’s is what I was told. “F. You.” was my response. I have thousands of kids. All over the world that listen to me, read my words, thoughts, and my children’s book. In fact, thousands of parents read MY book to their kids every night. Hmm. When was the last time you actually read to YOUR kid? That’s right. I’m actually a better parent by spreading my secret messages to those kids daily. If you were to ask a kid what he/she learned from the book, each one will give you a totally different answer. Why? When you have multiple personalities working things out like adults, different messages are conveyed.  When was the last time you actually taught your kid something good? Be nice. Be NICER. Be kind. Be kinder. Millions of parents “think” they are good parents, when in reality, … they are not.


You don’t have to be an expert in relationships to see when a child is begging for attention and instead gets a tablet or iPad and told to go play quietly. There should be a metric scorecard for parents. Like, how much time and attention did you spend with your child today? What did you teach your child today? If you were to die tomorrow, what part of your legacy would your child remember? Do your kids know your parents and grandparents “dating” story? Society puts so much emphasis on education, but what they forget is that most of those foundation core beliefs start at home, in the home, with parents who really ARE good parents. Go watch the movie “Bad Moms”. It is hilarious. I love that movie. I could watch it over and over and never get tired of it. Why? Well, I love love love the actresses in it. And it makes me laugh. I’m not a bad mom, or a bad dad. I don’t make kids cry. I make them laugh and feel good about themselves.


Anyway, so why the blog about cookies? Well, I think that someone needs to tell YOUR kids to stop eating all the sugar. Cookies, candy, brownies, cheesecake, …whatever it is that is full of calories that is doing the body long term detrimental degenerative damage. Newsflash – sugar is bad for you. Processed sugar is even worse, because it tricks the body. I have heard hundreds of people say they lost tons of weight JUST by cutting out the soda pop. Coke. Root beer. Whatever. And don’t think you are doing yourself justice by switching to diet poison. Aspertame is EVIL. EVIL EVIL EVIL. I don’t even have to go into all the horrible things it does to your body. You can ask Siri, Alexa or Google and all 3 of them will tell you how you will die if you eat it. Seriously. Stop it. Drink water. If you don’t like the taste, you can do Welch’s fruit flavoring like me. Cucumber water. Lemon water. Your body and complexion will thank you. Do not add sugar to that water. No you don’t need lemonade. You need lemon water to balance your acidity/ph levels.



So that 2000 a day calorie guide is just a guide. Some people need less. Some need a little more. I think if you are eating vegetables and drinking water all day long you don’t need to count the calories. Why? Uhm, water has none. Oh. Duh. That frap from Starbucks. 900 calories. Each. That 20 piece chicken nugget from McDonalds, 1000 calories. Large fries and large coke. Damn. There goes your daily everything. Just don’t do it. It’s not worth it. Did you know those fries are sprayed with some sort of “dextrose” or sugar to make them so delicious/fattening. So just for fun, count your daily “average” calories and see what number you came up with. And Dr. Now says NO ONE gets a 10,000 a day calorie count. And trust me, it is super easy to hit 10,000 calories and even harder to get 10k steps in to counter it. Speaking of walking and steps, after THREE faulty Fitbits, I have advanced to the apple watch with no regrets. I hate having to charge it almost daily, but it always works, I can answer my phone with it, just like Dick Tracy, and I always have it with me, unlike my phone.


And on a side note, Brittany Spears writes a hit song “I’m a SLAVE for you” but then begs to be freed. I’m all about sending proactive messages to the Universe. You should listen to her lyrics. Here are a few that I wanted to share with you.

I’m a slave 4 U
I cannot hold it
I cannot control it
I’m a slave 4 U
I won’t deny it
I’m not trying to hide it

Rich people problems. Right? Poor people problems: Damn, groceries, gas, utilities are killing my paycheck. In the USA it’s Independence Day (4th of July) weekend. Be safe, be cool, be real. And if you are a friend or follower on Facebook, I literally have given up on that platform. No one sees my posts due to their algorithm so why bother. Amazon Prime members get access on to Evil (formerly on CBS) for free! You don’t have to pay for the Paramount app. Just go to the Amazon prime app and then channels. Boom. There it is for free. Streaming every Sunday, this season it is crazy wild. Episode 1 & 2 available now. If you have Disney+, Luca is a cool new animated movie that went straight to Disney+. It’s about a sea monster who turns into a little boy out of water. No, it is not a rip off of the Little Mermaid. You’ll like it.