Live Streaming (coming soon)

I can’t help that I am naturally friendly and talk to everyone. I just have this way of connecting with people and making new friends/likes. I still carry bookmarks with me and use them instead of business cards. My catch phrase, “Read me before you write me.” People love it. #promotedaily


My favorite, “Hi, do you believe in angels? Yes? Great here is a bookmark just for you. No? That’s okay, they believe in you. Do you like to read? Great, here use this instead of a receipt.”


A few people have asked me if I really plan on moving to NYC. I’m kind of a go with the flow, live life by the seat of my pants kind of guy, moment to moment, yeah that’s me. Five years ago I was a college professor. Ten years ago I was a marketing manager. Twenty years ago I was in sales. Now I am a website guy and published author. It is very difficult for me to say where or what I will be doing in my near future, other than websites. I actually could see me as a writer for a television series. Ya never know what the angels have in store for me. If you look at all the “jobs” I held, all of them were monumental to get me where I am today.


Angels came to me once again preparing me with more technology that I will need to be successful. Last night I hosted a live streaming event for my abc Family Pretty Little Liars group (1300+). I introduced the group to our international members and it really was preparing me for when I am going to talk to my own fans doing a live video. I used my iPad, photography lighting and background and it was sweet. Yep, chapter 1 reading and a short interview coming up very soon.


If you made it this far of my post, here is a little marketing insight for anyone wanting to gain a following. The NUMBER 1 reason people like me (my pages): I post consistently and interesting information. People will always continue to read. I’m like a daily newspaper (for free). I really don’t do a lot of reposting of other material, but mostly create my own. Being a writer, and a good writer is very key in building a following of fans and friends. I can get lost in my thoughts/writings, I know other have lost days because of me. My Twitter feed @aaronmstephens captures all of my blogs, Facebook pages and tweets. If you tweet, favorite me and follow me so you can find me easily.


A lot of published authors neglect their free blogs once they become successful. I am not really sure why that is. Some authors want you to join their paid subscription membership. I won’t do that to my readers. Many of “my” readers are actually the angels’ readers. They are happy to give me credit, but we really know who is working behind the scenes making things always happen for the greater good in my life, God/Allah.



I live a life full of love and a heart filled with thanks. It really does make a difference when you give thanks/gratitude daily. You are a powerful spiritual energetic vibrational force. Use it for goodness, joy and happiness. Your energy is contagious. Let it be known.



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