Need Help Getting a Job?

Speaker at Business Conference and Presentation.
Friends, if you didn’t know I have an MBA (Master’s degree in Business Administration) in Human Resources and taught at a college for almost a decade, guiding seniors marketing themselves before graduation. I have helped thousands get good jobs.


After my book launches and is on auto pilot I plan on a new book for my fans providing some really cool tactics for getting a job, getting a promotion or starting your own business. There is a ton of wisdom, secrets I learned working HR at Best Buy and Walmart for over a decade! I also worked with unions at AT&T wireless for 4 years. Oh the things I can tell that would make an employer pay big money to shut me up. Seriously.  Who can you trust? Who can’t you trust? You THINK you can trust your HR department, but guess what? They work for the employer’s best interest, not yours! spacer
Did you know that are certain things you can say in an interview that will automatically disqualify you? Yep, and there are words that are music to an employers ears. I have interviewed thousands of candidates and for years I used to post the funny things they would say. Someone once told me I should write a book with all those things in it. Your comic relief is someone’s LIFE we’re talking about. I know, funny right?
In my classes I would actually tell the candidate afterward what they said wrong and why I would never hire them or advance them to the next round. VERY valuable feedback. Students would tell me consistently that my class was the ONE thing in college that was worth something that they could use in the real world. What if I told you some secrets when negotiating your next salary or promotion? When is the right time to talk about salary? Bringing up at a certain point and time will hinder your earning potential. How about a chapter on “All the things NOT to say in an interview?” That could be it’s own book!  Look for it in 2015. spacer
The angels were right. They asked me to please focus on ONE book for now, which I am doing, and they promised me that after it launches the world will buy any book that I write. Everything they have told me has come to fruition and I give thanks. There is a whole new world that is about to unfold before your eyes.spacer
I have also been told by angels that the results I see on my Facebook fan pages are only the tip of the iceberg of what really is going on behind the scenes. Millions will buy and read my book before they EVER say they like it. After they read it, they will wish for a LOVE button instead of a like button.spacer
Every day a child tells me “I love you” in a language I cannot read. My response, like God’s is, “Love you too.”
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