Psychic Circle of Friends

Today was very interesting as I met a new set of friends; they are all psychics. They are all very powerful psychics and it is by invite only. The really cool thing, is these new friends are all angel GEEKS! Oh. My. Angels. These peeps are the real thing, like helping police and FBI on missing people cases. Needless to say, they loved me and welcomed me to their secret club. I love talking about my book and angels and they do too.

Not only did we talk about angels, we did a meditation and channeled a few. It was very different from what I experience myself. It was awkward having an angel get in my face and ask me direct questions. I confessed that I feared book 2 would never live up to book 1. I was told to set that aside, and know that this book series will publish 21-22 books. My jaw was dropped and my eyes were as big as Asian eyes can get. Everything that I have been guided was validated. Naturally I inquired about my NYC endeavors and I was told that NYC is only one of many places that I need to be. I AM international and I should be prepared … to perform.

So needless to say, today was the best day of my life. It’s not every day you meet 6 new people who are going to champion your angelic cause. Just the other day I was thinking, “Where are MY earth angels? Shouldn’t they be surfacing by now?” Wish granted. The thing that is just so amazing, is I don’t know anything about angels. I still stand that I was channeled to write the book and I had no idea what I was writing. However, what I “did” write, magically falls in line with what the angel geeks believe.

I told my new friends my book originally was written for adults, but the when the message is too complicated, you dumb it down to a six grade reading level, which is what I did. Religion can be complicated, … when you are a human, simple when you are a new-born angel.

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