Real Life Networking

Hey it is the holiday weekend in the USA, and many people will be venturing out for some good ole Memorial Day bbq’s. So this weekend instead of being the social butterfly and talking to everyone, why don’t you listen to other people introduce themselves? What do their 30 second commercials sound like? If you want to use it as a chance to practice your own introduction that’s cool, but just remember, every person knows someone who might be able to hire you. In between projects. Don’t forget it. While you are at it, talk about your future plans/goals. If you are planting a seed, then reaffirm your commitment, creativity, loyalty, … all those little things they want out of that preferred candidate. You can even use my blog as a talking point. “Hey I have been working on my career plan getting some awesome advice and wisdom from a former HR professor.” And you can take it from there. Who knows you might find a new friend that also needs help in the career arena? You could quickly go from student to teacher as you simply relay what you’ve learned.


If you have a master’s degree, don’t forget to let people know. Hey, not everyone goes around saying I have a master’s in something. I’ll admit, the first time I saw MBA after a person’s name on a business card, … I was impressed. If you are chasing your dream, … that has goals attached, your enthusiasm and energy will definitely show. Although, keep in mind, many people go to social functions and hardly ever talk about their job. Some of them really try to get away from it because they hate it so much. Now if you are not a social butterfly and you actually get anxious from these types of situations, I get you. I mean, how many crappy weddings have you been forced to go that you only knew the unattainable bride or groom? Exactly.


If you have to make the best of it, you should always have a few ice breakers in your back pocket. Again, do not talk politics or anything that will get things in a heated discussion. I like to use movies. Everyone watches movies. Everyone has something to say about the ones they like. Television shows are also great talking points. Haven’t you had a favorite television show you liked so much you just wanted to talk about it, but none of your friends watched it? Yeah, me too. There are groups on Facebook that all they do is talk about the show. Crazy right? Fanatics is what I like to call it.


Remember, the more you have in common with whoever that person is, the more likely they are going to remember you, like you, and be willing to recommend you for a foot in the door in their company. So don’t be stupid and get drunk and make an idiot of yourself … if you are looking for a better tomorrow.

And if you have Disney+, Cruella is a cute little fun movie in the fashion world. Look out Miranda Priestly, this one is to die for. Remember Cruella is the villain in the Disney world.