Social Media Platforms

How crazy is it when your favorite social media person is no longer on social media? If you think I am talking about Trump, you are wrong. Ha! No, actually I was talking about Chef Pete Evans, mostly known from his paleo diet show on Netflix. There are a few chefs that I love, like Martha, and naturally I want to see posts from other chefs. So what happened? One day, he was suddenly gone from Facebook. The more I thought about it, I couldn’t remember the last post I saw. If you didn’t know he is from Australia and evidently was spreading conspiracy theories that got himself deleted. He had over a million followers. In this day and age, the number of followers is like a digital currency. The more followers/fans you have, the more power you have. Pete published tons of books. And with his following, he could go to his publisher and almost guarantee countless sales with little to no marketing costs involved. That in itself will cause a publisher to stop and take note. He is still on Instagram, but it isn’t quite the same as seeing his posts show up in my Facebook newsfeed. I would be really upset if I was all of the sudden locked out of my social media platforms.





I can’t imagine what President Trump is going through right now. His idea of working is sending multiple tweets and Facebook posts and then spend the rest of the day reading all the comments. Seriously, I know that is what his “executive time” consists of. I’m psychic. I’d say he could go on TikTok but he sort of screwed himself over on that platform. There is always Google+, LinkedIn, and owning your own website/blog where you can always post whatever you want. Plus, depending on a social media platform for all your content that they own, is not so smart. I think I have mentioned that I had hundreds of amazing writings on MySpace and then one day they were gone. I also used another platform, Xanga, that also disappeared. I had thousands of readers on that platform. Maybe some of them found me here. You never know. 2021 certainly hasn’t let up on surprises. I can’t imagine what is coming next.