A Fairy Tale (For Real!)

Once upon a time … just kidding. I’m not telling that kind of a fairy tale. I am going to give a product shout out to Kamtron security cameras. At the recommendation of my brother I purchased 5. Two outdoor wireless stationary cameras and 3 rotating movable cameras. It was watching his demo on his smartphone that convinced me that I needed it too. Truth be told, my little nanny cam Minion that I got on Black Friday 2 years ago finally died. It wasn’t very fancy and I think it was only $40, but it was pretty handy watching the front door so I would know when my packages were delivered. So anyway, I had this one set up for outside as it uses a lithium ion battery so you can put it anywhere. The app is super easy to use and I also put it on my iPad. I can also get notifications on my phone anytime the motion sensor is triggered. The days of waiting for Amazon, UPS and USPS are over. I can also use it as an intercom, so when someone is at the front door I can tell them to hang on a sec, or let them know that it is unlocked and come on in.


So a long time ago I put a bunch of artificial flowers in the window-well for the window in the mancave. (it is a basement window if you are wondering). Anything was better than the boring steel grey color. I thought it made it a little more cheerful. What I didn’t realize is I accidentally created a fairy garden, and a home base for thousands of fairies. With my brand new cameras they also have a really cool nighttime infrared feature. So they can see in the dark. They also can see things that the ordinary eye can’t see. At first I thought there were like a thousand fireflies outside. So I went upstairs, turned on the light and it was completely dark and empty. No fire flies. No bugs. It was quiet. I went back downstairs and the “bugs” were everywhere. So I put my iPhone on a stand and recorded a slow-motion, and that is when I discovered they weren’t bugs. They were invisible “fairies”. I also witnessed a glowing orb-like ball that appeared the night of the supermoon. It was invisible to my naked eye, but clear as fire in the camera. I am positive THAT was a UFO. There also was a dark glowing “orb” the size of the moon that reminded me of the evil eye in Lord of the Rings. Also, you could not see that with the naked eye. And tonight I watched as another glowing ball appeared out of no where and then shot up into the sky lightening fast. I am pretty sure that these magical creatures do not want to be seen. Just like ghosts don’t want to be seen. I also have witnessed orbs flying around the mancave. I always knew there was spiritual energy around me, and now I have actual proof.

And in case you forgot, this Sunday is Mother’s Day. So be sure you do something extra nice for mom this year. If you ARE a mom, just go buy something frivolous and unnecessary. You’re worth it. Evidently fairy gardens are a real thing, so I will be enhancing mine in the coming days.

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