A Tough Conversation “What If”

What do you think is the toughest conversation you have ever had? Think about it for a minute. I’ll wait.


Have you ever had to tell someone they are going to die? Have you had to fire someone? Have you ever had a message come to you … from GOD? Hmm, that is a good question. Some people have never talked to God, or even tried to listen to God. Wait, what? Yep, it is true. How do I know? Well, God told me. There. He told me that for some souls, the ONLY time they ever once think to talk to God, is when their life is about to terminate. Which is super sad. You know what is also super sad? People who don’t believe in ANY God. Yeah, you might know of some of those people. What if I told you that when their time came to transition, they changed their tune and all of the sudden said they believed in God? But what if … God wasn’t there to believe in them. Which God? Last I checked there were over 4300 different religions, each with their own God. What if all of those Gods are of the same “one” god?



God said he doesn’t play judge and jury. There are just too many trillions of souls. God also said that many souls, who are not his followers, say he will save them from the virus. What if God said that Life and Death is a quid pro quo. You have to do so many deeds, actions, or gestures to make it to the next life. What if … death, like in Final Destination is just cleaning up loose ends? What if a shitload of those people dying are actually bad people? The prisons are infected also, and what if God said those people in there actually shouldn’t be there, or anywhere? What if God just let the Angels of Death do whatever they want? God gave us a savior. Once, and he was crucified. So unless Jesus has magically appeared on the earth and hasn’t shown himself to us, WE are going to have to save ourselves.



You can start by getting the flu shot, like me. I got mine yesterday at Kaiser. No side effects. It didn’t even hurt. So I also wanted to point out that most states, like Nebraska and Colorado — where my friends and family reside, there is still a rather low vaccination rate. Like only 67% have the shot. Which means 1 in 3 are potential hosts. With rates like that, you are definitely going to see an uptick in deaths. Almost every retail establishment has employees out for COVID and every major airport has infected staff. TSA are impacted the most, and as you know, they all chose NOT to take the vaccine. Survival of the fittest are those who are current on all their vaccinations.

And a new virus, the Nipah virus has shown up in India. There is no cure or vaccine.