Shang-Chi — Marvel’s Newest Hero

This past weekend Shang-Chi was released in theaters exclusively for 45 days — later  going to Disney+ premiere for an additional $30, just like Black Widow. So if you really wanted to see it, you had to venture out into public. Thankfully everyone was at a college football game this weekend, so theaters were not so packed as you might think they would be. If you think I am going to ruin it for you and you are planning to stop reading … you’re wrong. I like to let my readers make an educated decision for themselves.
I will add a few thoughts, such as … Awkafina is the new Asian girl sidekick, like she has been cast in many of her other films. If you have watched any Asian film lately, you know who she is, or at least her rather unique sounding voice. She was the dragon in Raya. Okay, now you got it. Sadly it appears she has been typecast as the weird comic relief just like the fat kid in Spiderman. I don’t even remember the name of the star, … and like most Asian movies, it is a lot of kung fu martial arts fighting. As I sat through the predictable fight scenes, I thought “I could never be a movie star. Too much physical effort.” And I certainly wouldn’t want to be cast as a comic relief sidekick. Why do Asians always get such shitty roles?
Also, Asians do NOT all look alike. Trust me on this one. Although growing up with an identical twin, I can see how a lot of people might think we look alike when you only know 2 Asian kids and they are twin brothers. Funny right? Anyway, as a writer I felt the plot was kind of weak. I was confused as to who the villain was and what was the motive of doing what they were doing. Right. The special effects of some glowing circle boomerangs just didn’t do it for me. They were also not explained. Where did they come from? How do they work? What is their magic? Can anyone use them? Do they talk to you? Why do they glow sometimes and other times they don’t? Okay I am an old 48 year old man and I couldn’t get it. I doubt that a bunch of teenage kids or youngers are going to decipher the code. Btw, almost every Asian actor in the show you will recognize from some other show or movie. OR maybe you won’t. Again, bad with names, but if you watched the new Star Trek Discovery, the mean Asian admiral has a role. So if you liked her there, you might like her in this one.  There is ONE cameo from the MCU which “might” tie things in, and that is Wong, from Dr. Strange. Also, you do not really know the timeline. If this character is part of the MCU, did he just appear AFTER the Thanos snap? Did they just recast Crazy Rich Asians in this production? I think so.
At any rate, if you are wondering if it is worth it to go see this in the theaters, my answer is … no. You will be disappointed like me. Confused. And wondering if you will ever get those 2 hours of your life back. Watch it when it is free on Disney+.

And on a side note, a month ago there were about 50k new cases of COVID a day, and as of TODAY 301,138 new cases yesterday. Bringing total of 40,382,181 cases in the United States. 650,998 deaths. Wasn’t that football game great this weekend? Yup, all of them were super spreaders. Not a single mask to be seen on national television. Well it only takes about a week now for the delta variant to strike hard and fast. I’ll keep y’all posted. I predict that we will see an exponentially unusually high number of deaths in the next 30 days. It won’t be a thousand a day dying. It will be in the tens of thousands.

If you take the number of abortions, 750k (data from 2018), and divide that by 365, you get over 2,000 abortions/deaths a day. Those figures of course are never shared with the general public like COVID deaths. So clearly, there are a lot of women out there that are having unprotected sex. Who’s fault is it? The guy not wearing the condom, or the ovulating woman? MOST women know when they are most fertile. If you know there is a slight chance of having a baby, why take the risk? The supreme court in Mexico just legalized abortions, so Texas women now have another option. I hear they do a lot of cosmetic plastic surgery down there for real cheap. So they say on Botched.




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