Beauty is Skin … Color?

Do you know what “colorism” is? Yes, you got it. It is the discrimination of your skin color WITHIN your own racial ethnic group. WTF. Seriously. Now, this is not a black thing, or an Asian thing, or even an Indian thing. Because it happens in ALL of those people. Now I know you white folk are scratching your head wondering WTF I am even talking about right? Right. Basically the whiter/lighter your skin the “better” you are as a person and therefore much more attractive. Yeah, I know, I don’t quite get it either. My skin has always been brown. In my culture (the USA), being a golden tan/brown is a sign of luxury and wealth. Because you have all the time in the world to lay in the sun on your yacht, beach, or private pool and just … get tan. Shit we even pay money to go to tanning beds to get even darker. Guilty. I think I look great with a tan. Nope. Not in all societies. In fact, if I was back in say, Singapore, some people might think I was “the help”. Or worse, I work in the rice fields picking rice. Although, in my personal experience most people don’t think I am poor, or uneducated, or a servant because of my looks. Usually people look at me and wonder if I am doing botox or something. Yep, today is the anniversary of the date of my birth. 48 and fabulous. I will be eating all you can eat crab tonight in Blackhawk and then gambling at the tables. Wish me luck.


I actually saw a picture of me a few years ago with my twin brother and it was not so flattering. I think that is because I was starting to lose my hair and it was clearly evident to me. As soon as I hit my 30’s I started taking a vested interest in my health, well being and spiritual enlightenment. So within the black community, they have a standard they use for “acceptance” within their own groups. It is called the brown paper bag test. You put it up to your arm, and if you are darker than the brown paper bag then you aint getting in. So I put a brown cardboard box up to my arm, and they look the same. Like, literally if I had a concealer shade made for me they would have to call it “Brown Paper Bag”. I know, how depressing right? I guess if given the test I might pass.


My K pop friends might be nice and educate me on which skin whitening product is best. Skin whitening? Yes, it is a real thing. It actually is a billion dollar industry, right up there with cosmetic surgery. There is a plethora of YouTube videos on debunking celebrities and their beauty secrets. If it isn’t a filter, PhotoShop fail, or FaceTune app, it is probably plastic surgery. Go search on Madonna’s plastic surgery, Gwen Stefani, and Zac Efron. Sometimes it is something minor like removing the fat over the eye. Other times it is a whole new jaw/face. While you are searching on celebs you should also search colorism. It actually is kind of fascinating if you know nothing about it. I didn’t even know it existed. Am I going to whiten my skin? No. I am going to keep it out of the sun and use sunscreen daily. In all my years, I have never once had anyone comment on the color of my skin or even how dark or light it is. I do get comments on how youthful and tight it looks. As I have aged I have become obsessed with having great looking skin. Because it is what I have to look at every time I look in a mirror so I might as well be happy with what I have right? The secret to looking young is having amazing young looking skin. When you are healthy and in your prime, your skin literally glows. When you are sick and dying, you can see it in the color of your skin in your face. Pale. Ghostly. Lack of any color or pigment. Yeah, you know what I mean. Eat your green leafy vegetables. Drink your filtered water. Get lots of sleep. Take naps. I do. I love them.


And in case you forgot, the new Zelda remake Nintendo Switch game released today! Excuse me while I adventure off in the land of Hyrule.