Racism Is Not Skin Color

Wait, what? The last post was about skin color, and the whiteness or darkness of it, and now you’re saying that is not racism. Nope. It’s just plain hate. Hatism, is what it should really be called. Racism is actually hating someone’s culture that is not like your own. We all watch television and movies and we know there are other people in this world that live very different lives than our own.


So while everyone was covered face to toe, and it was impossible to unlock your iPhone before the apple watch update, your mask sunglasses and ballcap could very easily hide your identity, and most specifically your race or ethnic background. So if you are totally hidden with your facial features, how can someone know what race you are when they plan on attacking you? It is the way you walk, the way you talk, and most specifically your accent. Most mid-west Americans do not have an accent and it is very difficult to tell where they are from, like what state or country they grew up.Fortunately for me, I love doing accents. Accents are just another form of acting, imitation and all you really have to do is think of someone who has that accent and pretend to be them. Of course, knowing how to position your tongue when you speak is important. If you ever took a Spanish class you will know you have to ROLLLLL your R’sssss.


My Russian accent is probably one of my favorites. One of my friends thought I was hilarious and said I really had it down. Why Russian? I asked if he had ever heard of a Russian masked guy getting the shit beat out of him for just walking down the street? No? Yeah, me neither. Although I was told by another friend that even with my sunglasses and mask on, he could still see my bad ass eyebrows that make me look sinister. Sweet. I could play a villain in a movie.