Boulder Kings Sooper Shooting

Tragedy strikes the small mountain town nestled in the foothills of the rocky mountains yesterday as a killer runs rampant in a Kings Soopers grocery store killing 10 people in cold blood, including a Boulder police officer. Names of the victims have not been released yet, as families have not all been contacted. The killer was apprehended and taken into custody. The gunman’s weapon of death was an automatic weapon, an AR-15. As of now, no motive has been uncovered. The name of the shooter also has not been released yet. He is a white male approximate 30-40’s, dark hair with a beard. When he was taken into custody he was shirtless, had no pants on, and his leg was red with blood. So Columbine, Aurora Theaters, Thornton Walmart, and Boulder Kings Sooper. Boulder is most known for their infamous Labor Day “Boulder Bolder” marathon.

So last week it was spas in Atlanta, and this week grocery store in Boulder. When I said sit back and watch the fireworks, I wasn’t kidding!

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