Negative Ghost Rider …

May be a Twitter screenshot of text that says 'Follow The Desk of Donald J. Trump @DJTDesk Posts copied from Save America on behalf of the 45th POTUS Originally composed via This account distributes the forum onto Twitter. @DJTDesk Account suspended Twitter suspends accounts which violate the Twitter Rules'

… the pattern is full. Say what? Oh, I am just quoting one of my favorite lines from the movie Top Gun. Remember when Maverick wanted to do a fly by? Request denied. So, good ole DJ Trump was not able to bypass the Twitter security. So I am guessing that if you try to tweet one of his posts, you too will get suspended. You know, part of the fame and glory of Twitter, Facebook and Instagram is being able to brag about your follower/fan number. So for someone like DJ, he was super giddy when he kept getting new followers when he was first elected. He even tweeted about the number of new followers he got. Sadly with his website, he can’t do that. No one will know if he has 1 follower or 1 billion. His webmaster might have a clue, but then again, we looked at his code and that might not be the case. In fact, he is kind of an idiot, due to the fact that he is encouraging people to tweet his blog posts, which WILL result in accounts being suspended.  I know a lot of people who use the big 3 as their only source of information and entertainment. I don’t do a lot of scrolling, and mostly just post something and then log off. In fact, now that I think about it, I don’t really post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram as much as I thought I did. I do post on my website on a semi-regular basis. And that is what is important. I think we can all agree that fresh new content is what people really want.

So, while we are all still confined to our homes, I think we all need to start a fairy garden movement. Daylight is abundant and not only will it spice up the decorations outside your home, it will also attract fairies and give them a place to call home. I wrote about fairies in my book, so I think there is some divine spiritual energy trying to send me a message to get started on book 2. I just got some solar fairy lights for my garden. So now the fairies can see at night. Go watch the Spiderwick Chronicles, it is a cute little movie about monsters and mystical creatures. You can rent it on Amazon. Fairy garden. Weekend project. The kids will love it. And you could use a little fairy magic in your life.




Twitter Tips

Twitter is not going away. There are millions who use it daily and others who barely navigate Facebook. If you follow my personal Facebook, I posted this public.


Twitter Social Media – Interesting fact: I have been “favorited” with my tweets more times than I have followers.


Tweets about making you feel good get twice as many favorites. Tweets with pictures are more likely to retweeted. Tweets about writing, websites and motivation are hot topics for me. When I tweet about angels, God/Allah I gain more followers.


While it appears I have a bigger following on Facebook, the reality is I make way more sales through Twitter. 200,000+ vs 1500+. Why? I know why. Edgerank. Facebook friends are not supporters. Twitter supporters are not friends. Doing a shoutout with a good hashtag will always get new followers. I make up my own hashtags and I highjack other people’s hashtags. People like to learn. Share valuable insights.


Your Facebook following demonstrates LIKES, which are hard and expensive, Twitter followers are cheap and seemingly lower quality due to the sheer massive competition for attention.


Despite your Facebook friends not always liking your posts, it does not mean they do not like seeing them.


You can always add me as a friend and follow my public posts. ( I forget that there is a huge following of this website,, many who have subscribed by email or RSS. I always encourage people to set this up on their site and to sign up on my own. Why? Well, if Facebook for some reason decides to be a brat you will still know what is going on by other means of communication.


Personally I sort of like Twitter. It has really grown on me. It is one of those things you need to develop a habit of doing/using/reading. So like anything else, start with one tweet a day. Don’t worry about how many followers you have, it doesn’t matter at the new habit forming stage. Start by making other people feel good. Use a pretty picture. Use an easy to remember hashtag. Tag someone with the @ symbol before their twitter name. Post at different random times of the day. I leave Twitter open in a browser tab all the time. I reply back to everyone to messages me. I also send a welcome message when they follow me providing my book website Some people really dig it and message me back. Most of my followers have their own big following.


When I am reading tweets, I like to use my iPad and the Flipboard app.  It really maximizes the experience, and I highly recommend it. I also have both of my Facebook fan pages and my personal public posts automatically go to my Twitter stream. That stream is also reproduced on my personal blog, which makes it always seem new and fresh. A lot of fans bookmarked my blog and just go there to stay up to date. It’s kind of cool the way everything is all linked together. All you need to do is use the Jetpack WordPress plugin and drop it into the widget menu. Tah dah! Now, if you are on I don’t think you have that option.


Keep in mind that some people who follow you might not be following a lot of people. So you might be the only tweets they see at first. If you go overboard and are too salesy people will unfollow you. I try to only be salesy once in a while, and be uplifting and educational the rest of the time.  If you don’t follow my Twitter, you can @aaronmstephens.