Chinese Warlord

So not only do I share DNA with the princess, I also am bloodline heir to a Chinese warlord, and an emperor of Japan. How is that for cool?

It is kind of cool that I share the same DNA as my ancestors. I found this artist’s rendition of Cao Cao, and I have to say with my goatee and eyebrows I look a lot like him. What if, somehow I am like him reborn hundreds of years later. I think I need to do some more research on him and his dynasty. I definitely have the whole samurai man bun down. When I let my hair down it goes past my nipples and from behind, it cascades down my back. My 30ish% European ancestry now explains why I don’t have typical straight wirelike hair, and instead have soft silky smooth hair instead. It actually is naturally curly which is super unusual for Asians. I happen to know for a fact that some people pay hundreds of dollars for perms that don’t last. Watch Fresh off the Boat, and there is an episode where they both get perms. I didn’t know it, but evidently when you are successful (in Asian families) you get a perm. Sadly Fresh off the Boat was cancelled, but I did buy all of the seasons on Vudu for like $30. Since I was raised in a white military family, I didn’t learn any Asian customs, other than taking off your shoes at the front door. I don’t walk around in socks, I wear my Birks and socks inside and my running shoes outside. So my curiosity has gotten the best of me and I really want to know more of my father’s lineage. Fortunately for me, CRIGenetics discounted the report 20% so I bought it. If anything or anyone exciting or interesting shows up I will share it with y’all.


For my Husker friends, it looks like the government is finally releasing some statistics, like how many are hospitalized.  You can check it out by clicking here. For some stupid reason Nebraska stopped reporting numbers back in May. And they don’t do testing, so you really have no clue what the real numbers are like.

260,199 Cases

448 Active Hospitalizations

2379 Deaths

Just remember that only about 66.06% are fully vaccinated (in Nebraska), so 1/3 of the population are at risk.  1,040,196 people in Nebraska are fully vaccinated. If you think about it, that is not great. The percent partially vaccinated, meaning only 1 shot, 5.49%.