Elon Airport

So if you didn’t hear, in addition to SpaceX headquarters in Texas, Mr. Billionaire has decided to build his own private airport. The airport less than five miles from his base of operations had issues and probably didn’t kiss his ass. So you know, he has his own private jet that some kid on Twitter was following him. Musk offered him 50k to stop posting it on Twitter and the kid said no. So of course it makes sense to build an entire airport just for your own personal usage. Of course there will probably be Tesla chargers everywhere on site. Great for the Texas grid right? I mean, if they installed millions of acres of solar chargers on all that land then maybe … just maybe they might stand a chance.


And just in case you missed it, one ticket for the Mega Millions lottery was sold in Illinois. Yay for them/him/her. I still call it the idiot tax. Lotteries are the biggest scam that everyone seems to be okay with on a worldwide basis. Sadly that winner ends up getting taxed at an obscene rate, actually more than 50% considering state taxes that also are entitled to the winnings. So I guess when you wonder where the government (in the USA) gets all their money, they literally steal it from lottery winners every single day. I would love to see the books for the Internal Revenue Service. The bank account must just be massive.


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