Hey, … if no one hasn’t told you lately, you are flawsome. That is, you have flaws and you are still awesome. Right? Right. People don’t like to talk about their flaws, as some of them might be embarrassing. Some of them are things that you just simply refuse to give up … like smoking, drinking excess alcohol, swearing, taking the Lord’s name in vain … you get the idea. All of those things might be perceived as not so awesome. How much of that Halloween candy have you destroyed without even thinking of how much of that TURNS TO FAT. Fat is not a bad thing. In fact, it tastes delicious when marbleized in your steak. On your own hips, waist and buttocks, might not be so awesome. Some might call it a flaw. A small flaw, but still a flaw nonetheless.


So what are some of the not so awesome things you do that maybe you could retrain yourself to change? How about starting with something simple like no soda pop for a week? No fast food for a month? Don’t kid yourself, McDonalds is shit food despite it tasting amazing. There is an entire documentary on it, Super Size Me. Watch it and you will change your ways. I love their French Fries, but I can buy GMO poison free fries at my Natural Grocer and then fry them myself in peanut oil, with no beef tallow in it. Stop dropping the F bomb. It just is in bad manners/taste. Retrain your mind to think positively. Welcome to your new world of amazing new thoughts and experiences.

Tell 3 people today that they are flawsome.