Body Positivity

“Don’t go changing, to try and please me …” Oh yeah, some good ole Billy Joel to keep things in check. Since we are on the topic of looks, bodies, and such, I thought I would touch base on some basics. Let’s keep things real according to Aaron, shall we? Chances are if you are reading this, then you aren’t a celebrity. No fans, no followers, no paparazzi chasing after you wanting a selfie. So that means you are NOT paid on your looks, your posts, your pictures or thoughts. So the reality is, it doesn’t matter what you look like in order to create an income for yourself. Okay, just in case an influencer IS reading this, and you do get paid on your looks, … everyone else really only needs to be concerned with what ONE person thinks, and that is your significant other … or potential mate. Keep in mind, you only get ONE,  and in your eyes he/she may not be a perfect 10 model. Unless you are a 10, you probably are not going to attract a 10, … according to society. Everyone has flaws. So that 10, isn’t really even a 10. If you are IN a relationship then it is really important for you to actually communicate with your spouse that you love his/her body. It is also important that you are happy and if hearing it from your spouse makes it happen, then start communicating. Be an enthusiast not a victim.


There are millions and millions of people looking for a mate. You don’t have to be alone and lonely. Join a club, take a class, start working out at the gym … and you will meet people. When you start liking your body, you will start loving it. How can anyone love you … if you aren’t loving yourself?




Everyone has a type … a type of person and personality they are attracted to and want to spend time with on a regular basis.  Years and years ago I only had a couple of friends who liked going dancing at the clubs. I got tired of trying to convince work associates and friends to join me and started going alone. I made a ton of new friends at the club, who liked dancing and drinking and had no problems convincing to join me again. Guess what? Skiing is expensive and I had problems finding friends who wanted to ski. So I went alone, and discovered they have a lane JUST for people skiing alone. Yep, I have made a ton of new friends on the mountain riding ski lifts.

If you are a local, Loveland is selling a 4 pack passes for $200. They are normally $85 a piece. Loveland is a smaller resort, but not as crowded and closer than Breck or Keystone. If you ski during the week, a season pass might be of interest at only $379.