Look 10+ Years Younger

Hey guys – welcome back to my site/page! So you are probably wondering what I did to look so much younger. A really simple thing that guys (and girls) can do to look younger is to have your eyebrows professionally done. I’ll admit that I had/have an eyebrow “thing”. Meaning I am sort of a snot when it comes to judging people’s brows.  And if I have ever mentioned your brows to you … well you probably deserved it. And hopefully with a little gentle guidance you went and did something about it. Plucked, tweezed, went to a salon.  Some people are just genetically lucky when it comes to eyebrows and brow ridge. Others have to put a little work and effort into it. When I was young and in my 20’s this is what my eyebrows looked like. Over time, mens’ eyebrows do one of two things … grow crazy wild, or lose them all together. And sadly, some guys eyebrows turn white, which really makes them look older. So a very simple, and semi pain-free experience is to have your eyebrows microbladed. Individual hair lines are “tattooed” on your brows. Does it hurt? How does getting your teeth scraped at the dentist sound? Well that’s how is sounds, but it doesn’t feel like it. If it starts to hurt just say “Ow.” and she will put more numbing medicine on you. But literally it is just a few minutes of pain. My tattoo hurt more. Braces hurt more. So if you are in Colorado and you want to look younger and improve your looks you can call Maria at 720-779-4270 Palace of Aesthetics in Arvada. She said anyone I referred could have the same Groupon price of $160. Just mention my name and you are gold. I gave her nice tip since the normal price is $500. I know right? But now I can wash my face and go swimming without worrying about my eyebrows washing off. Ladies know what I am talking about. Plus, fuller thick eyebrows makes you look younger.
So do you want to hear my eyebrow story? I guess now that I have semi-permanent eyebrows I can share my story. Back in junior high school I was sitting in math class and I overheard one of my friends making fun of this girl who had horrendous eyebrows. It was like the first thing you noticed about her and immediately all you could think of. They laughed and laughed and it stuck with me. At the time, I also had unkept natural eyebrows. But they were bad, and needed attention. I didn’t know what I was doing but I studied dozens of male models eyebrows and then I tweezed like cray. Man that hurt. It was awful. And because I didn’t know better, I used Sea Breeze on them afterward, and OMG that was the dumbest fucking idea ever. But I never had to worry about anyone making fun of my eyebrows. It wasn’t until I worked at the jewelry store that one of my friends asked if I ever thought about making my brows darker, instead of … overplucked. Well, COVID happened and I wasn’t going anywhere and so I just got lazy and let them grow back to what they were intended to be. And then I started investigating eyebrow makeup products, watched YouTubers videos/reviews and finally came to my own version of doing my brows. The EASIEST, fastest way to do them … for me, is using a semi-permanent tattoo marker, made by Bic, yes you heard me right. I just fill them in and it stays for a day. It was made for skin and it doesn’t rub off. Tah duh! Now this only really works for dark haired guys. While this is really pretty simple, it still takes a few minutes every day to do this. So that is why I opted for microblading. Guys can seriously improve their attractiveness/looks variable by doing this one simple beauty procedure.


So many of you are wondering what I thought of “Morbius”. Are you into vampire movies? If you are, then you will like this one. Do you like Jared Leto? Then you will like it. If you answered no, then don’t watch it. Wait until it hits HBOMax. If DC were to reinvent the “Batman” and not the original, they would turn a man into a “bat” by being bit by one right? Spiderman power syndrome. A guy who can control bats and drinks blood. Well, here he is, but his is called Morbius, not Batman. AND he is a bad guy. Personally I am WAY more into MoonKnight on Disney+. The whole Egyptian god thing is fascinating. And in case you forgot, taxes are due on Monday in the United States.

I bought a thousand dollars of airbnb, the other day and it already has gone up $16 in a few days. Who knows what it will be worth in 20-30 years? I used Robinhood if you need a recommendation. There were no fees when I purchased the stock. Super easy, super simple.


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