Murder in the Oklahoma Express Lane

Evidently some republicans are not happy with the George Floyd verdict and have taken it upon themselves to pass some shitty new law, HB 1674, that allows motorists to run down and murder anyone who is at a protest or riot. WTF, right? Nope, not kidding and you can consult the “Google” to verify it yourself. So, … who usually protests? Well lately it has been the BLM Black LIVES Matter crowd. But those aren’t just black people protesting. I have to say that I am just appalled at the evil behind this bill. Surely the President or congress will intervene. Who needs to use a knee when you can just slam on the gas and run down everyone you hate and have no repercussions. Wow. Just wow. Fucking douche bag politicians. I curse you fuckers. I am pretty sure those bible banging assholes know that one of the ten commandments is thou shall not kill. We ALL know that. It is like common knowledge. If Georgia is getting heat from major corporations for a simple water voting bill/law, I can’t even imagine what the fall out from this is going to be. Well, sit back, get some snacks, wait and watch for the next round of the republican shit show.


And if you think that “maybe” there are two sides of the George Floyd story, you might be slightly entertained by Ben Shapiro’s highly opinionated review of the trial/outcome. My viewpoint “Thou shall not kill”. Let me ask this question, “What happened to just detaining a perp with handcuffs?” Subject is in custody and is no harm to anyone. Why the excessive force and violence? Because … ex-cop bully Derek was/is a racist hater. He would have never done that to a white supremacist. Do you know what they do to cops in prison? Sorry, ex-cops in prison. I hope they put him in the same prison with the convicts HE personally put away. I wonder, will he get the Jeffrey Epstein VIP treatment, or will they keep him confined for his own protection?