Self Defense

So let me ask you this question, “If you were attacked, by one person, like a fist fight, how or what would you do to defend yourself?” Do you carry any weapons? Keys? Mace? Perhaps even a pocket knife or even maybe a gun? Most people don’t carry a weapon, but with the way things are going these days it might be more than we think. When I was a kid my parents enrolled my twin brother and myself into a dojo to learn karate. They thought that we might get picked on since we were Asian and smaller than kids our own age. Yep, they were right. Fortunately for us, 2 against 1 usually wins. They did not anticipate us using it on each other. Remember the movie “The Karate Kid”? Super old movie, but a good one. I think there was even a spin off that is on Netflix. One swift punch in the bread basket will shut someone up real fast. And then while he is bent over gasping for breath, a knee to the chin will finish him off. Remember that when you are confronted in a fight.
Depending on that situation, … the one where you were attacked, what would you do? Pull out your gun? Run? Whip out your Swiss Army knife and prepare for battle? Oh wait… some people might pull out their smartphone and record it or go LIVE. If you are being attacked by a police officer I am pretty sure I would do a livestream, on my business page, YouTube app, SnapChat, Instagram AND TikTok all at the same time. I think that if you say “Hey Siri I am being pulled over” it actually activates the video recorder. As we all know, you can be pulled over for almost anything and be doing nothing wrong and die for it. Scary world we live in. Or should I say, scary world we die in.  So if you weren’t online or connected yesterday, then you wouldn’t have been dominated by the George Floyd murder trial. All jurors voted guilty and the world celebrated. Yay. One down a thousand more to go. We still have to see what the sentence will be. Will the “system” slap him on the wrists and let him out in 5 for good behavior? Remember in 13 Reasons Why, when the rapist got off easy because he was white and rich? As long as the world sees us as colored people, we have to do things to ensure our safety. When I am pulled over I always tell the officer I am a children’s author. If they are going to stereotype me, do it right.


On a side note, is having a sale on television series in HDX. I scored Nikita (a assassin show like Point of No Return) and Glee. The entire series for Glee was only $35! It is normally like, $375, so that is a no brainer. Hey I was in the swing choir in high school so I can totally relate to all the high school drama.  I still think the first season was the best. And sometimes the cover artist does it better than the original. [Not sponsored by anyone so no endorsements from any company]

AND I saw nothing on the Columbine shooting yesterday. Sometimes people forget. Loving thoughts prayers and healing to those affected by a mass shooting. I use Reiki, so I am sending those healing energies as well.