New Car! 2021 Hyundai Elantra Limited Edition

I love love love my new car! It is getting 45-55 mpg using ethanol free gas. I’m a safer driver with driver highway assist and smart cruise control. It wakes me up if my head starts to nod. It slams on the brakes if it sees I am going too fast and the person in front is braking. It locks on to the leader and adjusts the speed. When I go over 35 mpg the headlights automatically brighten and dim when it sees another car. I can start the car remotely, turn the heated leather seats and adjust them interior temperature from my iPhone. It has a brake hold feature so can take your foot off the brake at a stoplight so you don’t accidentally slip and roll forward. Super cool feature. Evidently it is a feature only on luxury cars. I didn’t even know it existed. No drifting as it has an E brake. Of course I have tricked it out with upgrades and LEDs. Although you can’t really do much to stereos these days since they all have touch screens, so I wanted the Bose sound system with subwoofer. Two thumbs up from me! If I had a kid I would want him/her to drive one so I would know they were a safer, better driver.



The new Halloween – ends movie is out. I saw it. It was good.  New storyline, sort of. If you have the Peacock app, you can watch it for free, or you can go sit in a theater. And ICYMI, the actor who played Hagrid in Harry Potter died at 72. So sad.


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