Who’s Your Daddy?

Imagine for a moment that “mom” can’t get pregnant. So she goes to a fertility doctor and gets a sperm donor (a medical student) and has a baby. Yay! This is a true story. You decide at some point in life to take a DNA test and accidentally find out you have a whole lot of siblings. Same dad, different mom. Oops.


I did one already with CRI but this one is with 23 and me. There is a new Netflix show called “Our Father” and it is pretty wild. I just ordered the one through 23 and me in case I accidentally have any siblings I don’t know about. It will be interesting to compare the results and see if there are any discrepancies. It will take awhile before I have any results, but I will be sure to post them once I have them. CRI didn’t have that option as they keep their results private.



White Asian

So, … where are YOU from?  A common question that people ask you when you are first introduced. It is a simple way to get to know someone better. When someone is of the same place, chances are you have a lot in common. All my life I have always been telling people that I am from Vietnam, but I was adopted into an American military family at 4 months. Well imagine MY surprise when I decided to take a DNA test to discover my roots. Turns out I am NOT 100% Vietnamese. Wait, what? Yep, the proof is in the science. I am only 45.6% Vietnamese. Not even HALF. Yep, I am blown away. Looks like all those years of Asians calling me “White Asian”, with 31.4% of European lineage — they weren’t so far off. Yep, looks like my dad wasn’t Asian after all. How crazy is that? When you are adopted you don’t have any medical history. You are just out of luck. Not anymore.


So initially I looked up 23 and me, which is heavily advertised for DNA testing. However, this other company, CRI Genetics, does a plethora of detailed information that tells you more than your own doctor. And these tests don’t lie. You are not self diagnosing yourself like you normally do with WebMD. You are getting actual real scientific data that proves YES or NO that you do or do not have a medical condition. Like for instance, I had no idea that I am lactose intolerant. So all those hot milked frothy Starbucks laced with hormonal milk literally were making me sick. And did you know that 90% of the world can’t stomach milk, except Europeans for some strange reason. Although I have never had a dairy issue, other than drinking hot milk. Maybe since I am part European that has something to do with the genetics. The report also told me that I do NOT have a sensitivity to gluten. Yay me. I knew it all along. I had a friend who self diagnosed herself as a celiac patient and thus refused to eat “gluten” or any carbs. Except you can get carbs from other things that don’t have gluten. It is kind of scary that all it takes is 2 mouth swabs of spit and you can literally find out all kinds of genetic DNA information.  Turns out that you inherit all kinds of things from your ancestors. Most parents worry that they will pass a genetic medical condition to their children. So if you are curious and want to investigate even further. The site is CRIGenetics, and don’t buy it right away. Look around the site, and wait for the pop up to give you the 50% discount.


After you purchase they mail you a kit, you swab it and about 2 weeks later your results show up on their website. I found out my lineage 50 generations. I also opted for the additional “Who might you be related to that is famous” report. I should get it in a few days. If anyone cool shows up I will be sure to share it with y’all.