Glitter Bomb

Imagine you were at a crowded event/space with thousands and thousands of people. “Most” everyone has the vaccine (you hope). And then imagine at some point in the middle of the … concert, a giant glitter bomb goes off from the stage and hits everyone with glitter, little pieces of shiny paper and almost everyone has a tiny bit of glam on them. People are happy, jumping around, and even dancing. They are having so much fun. A “few” older people have masks on and seem to be minding their own business. Definitely not celebrating.


Do you know how hard it is to get glitter off of you? Of COURSE you do, and that is probably why so many people actually hate it. So the title is glitter bomb as there is an actual product that someone invented to prank people who steal Amazon packages. It is hilarious. I would be absolutely livid if a glitter bomb went off in my house. You would never get it all cleaned up.


Now imagine for a minute that instead of a glitter bomb going off at that concert, instead it is … ready for it? You guessed it. It’s COVID. What are the odds that last night in Lincoln Nebraska at Memorial stadium that it was 100% COVID free and everyone was 100% vax’d. Exactly. Not possible. We know that at least one or two or even a hundred people had COVID and got glitter over everyone. And then they went and spread it around town, in their homes, offices, bars and clubs. And then it got onto airplanes and traveled to Vegas, NYC and Texas.


You have to think of COVID like you do glitter. You don’t have to eat/breathe it to get it on you and spread it around. All it takes is ONE tiny piece of glitter on you and you got it. You’re not wearing a mask, and of course you touch your face. Well when you put it that way, I REALLY hate glitter. 90 THOUSAND fans all went to see Garth and all of them got glitter on them. Because glitter isn’t alive looking for a new host like COVID is.

A glitter bomb has just exploded in the heartland — Nebraska.