The Trump Tax Cut?

So if you were blithely unaware, a few years ago Trump gave billion dollar corporation tax cuts, with the hope and fantasy that the trickle down effect would impact everyone. Well, I am a shareholder for Best Buy, who also got a big tax cut. Did employees get any of that money? Did the shareholders get a dividend that I wasn’t aware of? That’s right, the answer is no. The fucking greedy bastards kept it all for themselves. Oh sure, some tenured Walmart employees got a bone thrown at them, like hey, good work, we just saved billions, here’s a penny for your thoughts, which don’t count. Because history repeats itself and as long as anyone can remember the rich people are favored and the poor people are treated like second class citizens. Well it looks like the corporate rate of 21% is increasing to 28%, and when you are a big company like apple, Google, Walmart, AT&T or Best Buy, that percentage comes to millions. So yes, the federal government will be able to finance some of those stimulus checks, but as a negative repercussion, those retailers and companies will increase prices. I just got a message that my Disney+ was going up by a couple of bucks. I guess those premier releases (Mulan, Onward) haven’t been as profitable and with limited attendance at their parks, they need some cash.


It really is sad that republicans in Georgia are also being sabotaged by their own party. As I said the other day, the republicans have woken a sleeping giant, and now they are going to have a really hard time putting it back to sleep. If you didn’t know, Georgia passed a law making it illegal to give someone water while standing in line to vote. WTF. Right? Where the hell was MY water when I was standing in line to vote? hahahaha. Just kidding. I vote by mail, just like the millions of others in Colorado. And while OUR voting rights are not being attacked, our virus here is, and starting this week EVERYONE will be eligible to get a vaccination shot. Wow. And I didn’t inquire with anyone, but I am pretty sure they are not going to require a drivers license or proof of citizenship to get the shot. Yeah, we aren’t assholes here. I had to say it. And if you didn’t know it, baseball opens this week here in Denver with the Colorado Rockies allowing 21,000 people to attend in person. If you are over 18 you can get the 1 shot Johnson & Johnson. Yay us for us old people.


Disney+ released a new series. All I see are these stupid Captain America memes. Yep, waiting til episode 6 launches then I’ll watch the falcon. I’m currently into Titans, a DC spin off of Batman, focused on the sidekick, Nightwing, who is not a nice guy. So far, I really like it. Superman & Lois airs tonight, and while I thought I would really like it, I’m just not that into it. They are focused on the supertwins who have no real powers, alternate timelines, … way too many variables to actually focus on a real plot. So far it is just a “meh” from me.