The Hand of the King

Hello my Game of Thrones friends! If you were unaware there has been a new show called “House of the Dragon” which basically is Game of Thrones in a different time with all new characters. When the show first came out on HBO back in the day, you literally had to have some shitty cable company and pay for that extra channel. I had Dish Network back in the day and HBO was not one of my electives, so I never got into it. Jump back to today … with high speed internet and the evolution of “apps”. Now you can pick and choose what you want to watch without some stupid contract with clunky equipment. I will admit, it took several times watching Game of Thrones (GOT) to finally understand it. I use the Vudu app and purchase all my shows there so I can stream them to my devices. It is a win win. So anyway if you are a fan, you know that the title I used is an actual title of a person in the show. I would guess it is made up since I had never heard of it. At any rate, it is a power position and an interesting title/topic.



If you are a long time fan/reader then you know that I took a DNA test from CRI Genetics, and using their technology found out that I am literally an heir of royalty from China and Japan, AND I share DNA lineage with Princess Diana. So I think it is fair that I can look at my own hand and call it “The hand of the king”. On my right hand I wear yellow gold rings with rubies and diamonds and on my left hand I wear white gold and silver, with diamonds. I discovered that back in the day, kings and queens wore diamonds, rubies and sapphires. I knew I had good taste. Actually the ruby is my birthstone. The one rock that encompasses and amplifies love. As a guy who is now 49, my hands would say otherwise. I’ve been putting lotion on my hands as long as I can remember, and it shows. No age spots, liver spots, saggy skin, blue veins. Nope nope nope. I read somewhere that when you drive you should use your left hand and keep it at the 6 o’clock position upside down so you don’t expose your hands to the UV sunlight, … or wear gloves. If you have sunscreen you should really get in the habit of putting it on daily. I have an identical twin who does nothing for his skin and it shows. You can Google search twin skin differences and see how bad the sunlight is for your skin.


And back to the actual hand of the king … the new show, just like the GOT is slow, semi-boring, a lot of talking and not a lot of action. Kids probably won’t like it, and if you are new to the series, meaning you never saw the first 8 seasons of GOT, you may or may not like it. Without really ruining it, there is some king who needs an heir. His wife has a baby boy and they both die. NOW who will rule if the king dies? Argue about it back and forth. That is about all that has really happened. Trust me, it gets even more boring after that. I’m trying REALLY hard to like it. Oh yeah, big scary fire breathing dragons.

So far I am not sure if I would recommend it to a new viewer. But hey, you do what you want, you are your own person. Speaking of boring dumb movies, the new Rings of Power, a take off of the Lord of the Rings came out on Amazon Prime. Twice I started watching it and I still haven’t finished. This is not your Green Lantern ring show. You really have to be an original fan of the Lord of the Rings. Yes, it is slow and boring.

She Hulk has 3 episodes out on Disney+ now and so far it is entertaining. The acting in MoonKnight was better. If you have Disney+ you should watch it. It’s cute.

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