What If?

If abortions become illegal, under any circumstance, … then in 18ish years we can expect that the low-end hourly workers will return. Right? Because in theory, the last 20+ years or so, women have been aborting those babies, who never make it to the adoption or foster care system. Science and technology made it possible to women no longer have to breastfeed, so they use formula. Well now that there is shortage, the babies that did make it, won’t because they will die of malnutrition. Sorry ladies – that you didn’t want your nipples sore, so you took a pill to dry up your milk. It really makes me wonder if those women who decided to abort their mistake … if they will have consequences in the after life? Personally I think if you don’t want to have a baby, don’t put a penis in your vagina. I also know that if a woman is raped, that she can immediately have any traces removed within the rape inspection done with the nurse. Texas made it quite clear that there was a lot of unprotected sex going on that women all of the sudden had to admit.


The world is producing less babies. There are more people who are living longer that they are supposed to due to science, technology and medicine. Think about the millions of people who are alive because of a pacemaker. Exactly, and they are just a fraction of the people who faced death and survived.


And did you see Dr. Strange 2? Wow, that should really be WandaVision 2.0 on steroids. No question now who is the strongest Avenger! I really liked that they introduced some new/old characters as cameos into the MCU. Isn’t it weird how you can buy crypto and not have to buy a whole coin/share? Like you can own .0000215 of one bitcoin. Bad week for Bitcoin as it dropped millions of portfolios. I think it was down to like, $28k, and it WAS trading at $48k the week before. Wow. No I didn’t buy any shares, I don’t have an extra $28k to buy an invisible magic money coin. But there are thousands that are selling their partial coin ownership.



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