Why white people hate black people so much.

It is in the genes. They can’t help it. Their great great great great grandfather was a slave owner. Damn. Actually, what I am getting at is the reason voting is so important. Fun little fact, long long ago when the blacks were freed from slavery, they were not technically considered citizens, and they certainly could not vote. Back then, the white people made it a law that you could only vote if you were a property owner. Well, you can imagine how many of those there were.


I don’t need to go down the long list of ways that the white man has been evil to all other races. Shall I even go into American Indians? Damn. Pulling all the punches today. Let’s talk about the thousands and thousands of massacres that happened on this semi-great nation. It’s not just black people that white people try to control. It is anyone who is not like them. And even within their own — they hate and kill each other for no real justifiable reason. If the Indians has semi automatic weapons instead of bows and arrows, would this even BE the United STATES of America? Or would each of us be in an Indian named territory? I think someone needs to write a sci-fi back in time thriller that shows that scenario.



Democrats are quick to blame guns for deaths. But let’s be real. More people die in car crashes because of stupid mistakes and shitty tires. Holy crap you should have seen all the accidents with a tiny bit of snow. Does anyone go after tire manufactures for not creating better tires? Somewhere along the lines of history man thought he was better than others.


Slavery is not new in American history. Slaves in Egypt. Slaves in Asia. Sad, but it is true. Even today there are people who are working for pennies an hour/day, for hard work. What if … that negative energy of “hate” actually stimulates the virus somehow? The virus feeds on energy, and it probably doesn’t care or distinguish between good energy and bad energy. Feelings are energy too. Perhaps that is why we pray when someone is sick. Sending them positive energy to fight the negative.

And Godzilla vs. King King releases today, on a Wednesday in theaters and HBO Max. I saw it, loved all the priors, even Skull Island. This one sort of let me down. A big movie like this you would have thought they would have cast some famous actors, or some eye candy to keep you slightly entertained. Meh. If you have HBO Max, watch it. If you were going to the theater, you may feel like me in the end. And since I suffer from West Nile virus I am on the priority list to get my shot tomorrow for COVID. Thank God. The angels are looking out for me. Namaste friends.