The J&J 1 Shot “shot”

May be an image of one or more people April Fools Day for me was a life saving day. So at the request of some readers, here is an update that I got my shot and I am not going to die. Yes, I would be really sad if I got COVID and died too. While some people in Colorado are having difficulty finding the vaccine, it is even harder to get your hand on the 1 shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine. It literally is the luck of the draw. When I got to Kaiser to get my shot, they had all 3 different vaccines, and fortunately for me, my nurse had 1 dose left and it just happened to be J&J. The cool thing was all of the syringes were already loaded with the vaccine. So all those videos you see of the vaccine in the little jars, didn’t apply to J&J. I didn’t ask, but I am assuming they did not want to waste any of the vaccine like some places have been doing. I’m really not into a lot of selfies, and you’ll see my Instagram has them sporadically. At the request of a friend, here is me taken, just yesterday. Yeah, I know I don’t wear my hair down like my profile picture, and I usually wear my glasses these days. I know, with my visor on you can’t even tell that I’m Asian Gandolf.


I took a picture of my COVID card so I will always have it. I am guessing at some point I will have to prove that I have had the shot. Although since I have Kaiser, it should show up in my test history. Thumbs up to Kaiser for being so efficient and organized. They had all the cards labeled in advance and when you get your shot, they peel the sticker off the vaccine and put it on your card so it is presented nice and neat. From my understanding, Kaiser is only giving shots to their own patients. You can’t just walk in and request an appointment. The general public still need to go to the official website and try to score an appointment. Kaiser was able to prioritize patients as they have their medical records and know who really needs the vaccine first. My shoulder is pretty meaty so I didn’t feel anything and there was no after effects or pain.  If you are waiting your turn, “May the odds be ever in your favor.”


Where is the Zack Snyder review? Dude, … the movie is 4 hours long. The first time through I had to sit in awe realizing it was a different movie, same story. Like, how many times can they tell the story of ____ (pick any Disney movie)? I need to watch the movie again to actually enjoy it and then critique it. But if you are waiting, I can tell you that it is “Aaron Approved” and if you like super heroes then you need to watch it. For all you Catholics, it’s Good Friday and your last day to eat fish. Although I love fish. Crab legs all you can eat. I’m down. The Lodge Casino in Blackhawk has all you can eat, but they have to serve your plate rather than grabbing a potentially infected pair of tongs.