You Are NOT Your Job

There are millions of people who identify with their job. This is super common when you meet people with low self esteem and they immediately have to tell you they are in a job profession.  “Hi, I’m ___ I’m an attorney.” No one cares. Are you going to sue me? Or did you just have to brag about your knowledge of the law? Nope, yep, and still no one cares. Guess what, when you ARE an attorney, the rest of the attorneys don’t care. You have to find some other way to impress. I worked at the Colorado Bar Association for a couple of years and dealt with all of them. When you know more than they do, they stop trying to impress you. The funny thing is, even when an attorney is not employed by an actual firm or has an actual client, they still tell you they are an attorney.


So my last posting was basically telling you that the world still doesn’t know what they want to be when they grow up and get that degree. It really is a huge fail on the education system at a very young age. From day one children should be preparing on how to make money and make a living, other than living rent free in their parents basement. True story, … I had a friend who wanted to be a …. ready? A nurse. I was shocked and asked why. Oh she thought it would be fun. Damn girl, you ain’t seen fun until you are cleaning up shit and bed pans of your sick and dying patients. Fun? Damn, that is a one sick sense of humor. Me — fun would be more of an amusement park, a nightclub, a concert venue, sporting events arena … not a hospital. So I gave a very brief detailed account of what a day in the hospital looks like for a nurse, and then gave the detailed account of what happens when you get home, empty your pockets and collapse into a chair of exhaustion. Yeah, my mom is/was a nurse and as a kid you see things way differently. Mom didn’t say work was fun. She usually got on the phone and complained to whomever at how shitty work was. And then there was the no name stories of people who are dying, and their families. When you think you found your dream job or dream company, go online to and find out what past employees say/think about that company. Find out how much those jobs REALLY pay before you commit to a career. And before you ever take a class, talk to someone doing it and spend a day with him/her (if you can).

My friend did not go into nursing and instead went into computer science and now makes a very healthy salary.


You can’t turn on any media without seeing the death of the Queen and all the royals. Now they have to say “God save the KING”, as the Queen was saved for 96 years. Since I live in the United States of America, it doesn’t really affect me.


Apple announced the new, but not really new iPhone 14. The chassis is the same, so I am pretty sure the cases will all still fit. After careful examination of all the devices … I have decided there is nothing wrong, or broken with my iPhone 11 Max Pro. The reality is it doesn’t matter what color the device is, because everyone puts it in a case. If you don’t, and you walk around with it naked, then you deserve what you get when you drop it on a marble, tile or hardwood floor. They did not upgrade the processor so it still have the same CPU as the iPhone 13. The whole SOS thing is neat, but I have that using Life360 app, which I have already endorsed. They are offering satellite texting free for 2 years. After that I would imagine the agreement with SpaceX will be finalized and the iPhone will use their services, just like any other app, but at a premium. So as long as you have a portable solar charger and the new iPhone 14, Naked and Afraid participants have another option.

I never need a 48 meg camera. Ever. In a year it would be full, even with the 1 TB. Or maybe that is the plan, right apple? Your iCloud storage is going to explode and you will need to upgrade that as well. Funny how it all just keeps adding up. I call it the “Cult of Mac”. Millions of users that will pay whatever apple tells them, and they keep buying every single one of their products. It literally took me 2 years to pay my phone off so I am really enjoying having a cell phone bill under $100. Evidently their apple card has paved the way for success as millions are putting their new devices on these cards that offer no actual cell phone protection, like the American Express charge card. The platinum gives an extra year of warranty. I have not looked at what the actual wireless carriers are offering, but the trade in program is awful. I paid over $1600 for my device and it is only worth $250 trade in. No thanks. It works perfectly and like most people out there, very little of its real potential is used. In reality, most people would be perfectly content with their entry level SE model. I don’t know who influenced apple to put the home button back on the main screen but the SE has it now. Love it or hate it, you now have another choice.

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