Your Personal Spa

Have you ever been to a “spa”? The closest thing I have experienced is looking at the spa treatments through the glass windows in the fancy Vegas hotels. Since I’m not a millionaire with boatloads of money to blow, I do the next best thing. Create my own spa like experience in the comfort of my own home. After staying at many of the 5 star resorts in Vegas I had a pretty good idea how to make my personal retreat even better.


Years ago I upgraded my shower to have five different spray nozzles, the overhead rain simulation is probably my favorite. We upgraded the hot water heater as well and now it is literally like a steam shower sauna experience. Cool LED lights, plants in the window, and of course an Amazon Echo dot to play “wind chimes” or zen music while you relax. And yes, of course there is a vanilla candle. Go buy a half dozen new expensive fluffy white towels and roll them up in put them in baskets so you always have an awesome towel like at the resort spa. Get yourself an expensive bathrobe. My shower is nicer than many of the million dollar home flips I see on HGTV. Every shower should have a handheld nozzle sprayer so you can wash your dog in the shower.


A long time ago I was at a friend’s house and in her guest bathroom she had paper towels instead of a cloth towel to dry your hands. She said it was much more sanitary, and you really shouldn’t be wiping your face on a towel that you used to dry your hands. It makes sense. It might accidentally expose your face to something nasty. We will just leave it at that. Paper towels also are great for wiping down the dirt from your face after you “think” it is all clean. Nope. There is still always a little bit of dirt and it is a good exfoliater as it is sterile and clean.


If COVID taught us one thing, DON’T TOUCH YOUR FACE. Yes, the mask is down but seriously stop touching your face. Don’t touch doorknobs. I open doors walking backwards with my ass. If anyone sees me I say “Look at me! My ass opened the door and I didn’t touch it with my hand!” Laugh all you want, but there are millions of people that don’t wash their hands. Even with COVID people do their thing and then don’t wash. It’s gross. I always wipe down the gas pump handle before I touch it. Germaphobe? Nope. Smart. Hey I was one of the lucky ones who didn’t get infected. I don’t have to worry about the virus making my hair fall out. I can walk up a flight of stairs without gasping for breath. I can still carry a bag or five of groceries from the car inside. There are a ton of documentaries on YouTube of the after effects of “long haulers” and their life sucks.


Be thankful you are alive, made it through this and got your shot. Hand sanitizer is almost free, so stock up and keep using it in your daily routine (if you are out in public or around people). If you haven’t gotten the second shot is it really so hard to tell Siri, Alexa, Google, or Facebook to set a reminder?