Black Panther 2 Review

I decided I am going to use the personal blog for reviews. If you have the WordPress reader, in theory if you are subscribed — the new blogs will just show up in your reader. I keep my reader open so I know that my blogs are live. Just go to and register for an account, and then all your favorites in one place.

So if you want to hear/read my thoughts on the new movie,

Go here:

Black Panther 2/Wakanda Forever

I also want to use the other site as there isn’t a lot of content, yet there are quite a few readers. Obviously this is the site that has thousands of readers. But I think that you will like the fun pictures and design of the “old” site.  A long time ago, that site had its own domain “aaronsafterthoughts-dot-com” but it got hacked and I had to tear it down. I kept the content and moved a lot of it to the free version, which does not have a lot of functionality, but if you are just looking for a place to read and write, that has enough features for the average person.


The world needs new content writers. So maybe that person is you. What do you know that makes you an expert that you can share with the world? Great, can you put it into words and share it with the world? Go to and sign up for a blogger account and start writing. I started with one reader (me) and then a few decades later it turned it something much more amazing than just me. After you have started your blog and you have at least 8-10 good articles, then start sharing that with your network and see if anyone wants to read it. Write on a regular basis or have lots of content for readers. Keep it conversational and keep it interesting.

And if you are going to Black Panther 2, be prepared for a LONG movie. Lord of the Rings kind of long. I will be writing more, especially product reviews, … on the other site. So be sure you are subscribed as I won’t keep informing this site or on social media when there are new posts. I honestly don’t know what social media my fans use other than Facebook and Twitter.


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