The Butterfly Effect

They say don’t step on a butterfly as it has a domino effect. Or something like that. Anyway my point is that there is one certain individual that did a certain act that had insane effects. That person would be the former president of the United States who gave the republicans their supreme court the crappy judges who are there now. I’m talking about Roe V. Wade. If that didn’t happen, the midterm elections would not have turned out like they did. For some reason the experts thought that Colorado would be controversial and that our new house representative would have been republican. Yeah, the 8th district, like where “I” live are just normal people. It is mostly suburbia with normal somewhat non-white folks. Thornton Colorado … remember home of the Walmart shooting? Yep, that is the district that was “up for grabs” as they say. As far as I can tell it is mostly democrat in this district as all the democrats won their seats in Adams county. Also keep in mind, the newly minted voters, especially the Tik Tok gang — were out in full force voting to save their reproductive/body rights. Republican women voted democrat. Yes, you read that right. Independent voted democrat. So if you are looking to point a finger to blame the current state of the nation, you can point it at Trumpty Dumpty. HE did this.

And for the record I DID like Black Panther 2/Wakanda Forever. I just had my own criticisms of what I liked and didn’t like.

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