Colorado adds a seat in congress

Did you know that Colorado scored an additional seat in congress? Yep, all the new residents that moved here allowed a totally new district, technically representing me — Thornton & north. New York lost one of its seats, and we elected an ethnic female pediatrician doctor as our representative. Colorado joined six other states to gain seats. Texas picked up two seats, while Florida, North Carolina, Montana and Oregon also gained one. Doing the census survey is important and could ultimately shift the balance of power when it comes time to those votes in the electoral college.  While it appears that most of the country is done with the election, there are still five states that have an additional election to determine the final and ultimate winner.


So if you are one of my readers and you are in one of those states. Vote. Use your voice and make a difference. Go with your friends and vote for your future. There was low voting turn-out, and they know how many are registered and how many show up. So vote. You need to think in a hive like mindset. YOU are part of the hive. WE have all voted, and some of us will vote again, in huge massive numbers. WE are a force of power. The minorities now outnumber the majority.


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