Election Highlights

Here is the big news. The former press secretary for the White House is now a governor. Arkansas you are doomed. And the Lt. Governor of Pennsylvania is now a senator. Dr. Oz was viewed by 55% as someone who wasn’t a full time resident who just tried to steal a senate seat. I hope it cost him millions. Nebraska, my home state, had a minimum wage issue on their ballot … and amazingly it passed. What? I know right? Well I looked up the numbers and it appears that the number of “not republican” is increasing. So much that if you took all of the other parties vs. the republicans there are actually 29,307 MORE if everyone voted. What happened? Well, COVID killed off a lot of voters and non-vaccinated folks helped to spread the death even faster. No one is wearing masks. There literally are thousands of brand new voters who went to the polls this time. The power struggle in the senate is real and there will be at least a handful of run off elections. Colorado created a new congressional district, amazingly it is where I live, and that means a new seat in congress. I could have run, and probably would have won. My unethnic name would have scored me a seat, but then I’d actually have to get up and go to work, report to someone and that just doesn’t sound like fun at all. And who wants to be a target? Look at poor Nancy Pelosi’s husband who was attacked and beaten with a hammer. Damn. Although it would be fun to travel back and forth to D.C. The $174k salary wouldn’t be bad either. What would be MY issues? Well if you have read the blog, I have shouted out a lot of things to “Biden”. If I was in congress I’d focus on education, career development and helping citizens find meaningful career choices. Well, maybe next election. Yeah right. But, if I really wanted to make a difference, going into politics is one way of making things happen.

I saw Black Adam last weekend and the new Black Panther 2 comes out this weekend. Since the main character died of cancer, they have to somehow rewrite him out of the story and write in his sister. The dude wore a mask and a costume when he is a hero so how hard is it to recast? They did it with Thor when they wrote in Jane Foster as a Thor. There wasn’t a ton of people at Black Adam opening weekend, so we will have to see how Black Panther 2 does. If I see it I will let you know my two cents. You know it will eventually make it to Disney+, so you decide.


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