Cry Me A River

Have you ever wondered what the fascination with living in the Big Apple is? Like, why do people pay ridiculous amounts of money to live in a cracker jack apartment? There have no yard, and if you want any outdoor space you have to be a millionaire. I love watching “Million Dollar Listing New York City”. Where else can you see how the rich and semi famous live in NYC? Other than Gossip Girl, this show gives you a glimpse at what people are willing to pay for when they have boatloads of money. Now imagine living in your million dollar apartment and having the city flooded because of hurricane Ida. I’m watching the aftermath now on CNN and it is pretty shitty. Not as shitty as things are in Louisiana, but still pretty shitty. Do you wonder where all that water is going to go? I wonder what is going to happen to the earth when the polar ice caps melt even more. Subways are going to very quickly become obsolete. I have looked at what the cost of living would be to relocate to NYC, and OMG it is horrible. Not only is everything super expensive, but most places have some shitty HOA or fee that you can’t get around. Manhattan is really lucky an actual tornado didn’t touch down as all the basements and subways are flooded. I can just imagine all the hotsy totsy millionaires in the sky scrapers recording the tornado from their rooftop decks. But there was no tornado, just lots of rain and now flooding. From what I gather, thousands upon thousands have left NYC due to COVID and many are not coming back. It’s a buyers market and NYC is ON SALE! You can get quite a deal, according to Fredrick and Ryan Serhant, my two favorite agents. I like it even more that the two hate each other and create all kinds of tension on the show. Fredrick is actually kind of a … shark. And Ryan is more of a snake. I guess those are good traits to have as a ruthless salesman.


Also in national news, Texas evidently does and doesn’t support “My Body My Choice” when it comes to women and abortions. A new law was passed that abortions are banned after 6 weeks. So they ban masks and abortions. So let’s kill the living children and promote the ones that aren’t wanted. WTF? Yeah, I’m still scratching my head at how a bunch of republican MEN can make laws that affect women. If you didn’t know, most women have to miss a period to know that they might be pregnant. And if you are new to the planet, that happens every 28 days. So, basically they have 2 weeks after they miss their period to have an abortion … which is usually pretty unlikely as they are usually in denial the first week after missing the period. They think “Oh it’s just late and it will come any day.” Wrong. They are pregnant and if they don’t want it, the clock is ticking. How the fuck do you make a decision in less than 2 weeks if you want to have a baby? You gotta talk to the dad, your friends, your support group, whomever … and that takes time. FUCK Texas. They are a bunch of assholes. Trust me on this one, this will not be tolerated, and I’m not even in the state. I have ZERO stake in this issue as I am not a woman in Texas. Am I wrong? Don’t these things all need to happen before you decide to abort? Yeah, I am crying a river for the ladies in Texas. Rape, incest, … it doesn’t matter. No abortions after 6 weeks. So what can we do to fight this? I saw that there are some groups that want to boycott businesses and events in Texas that bring revenue to the state. Like, hey I’m a rock star and I’m not longer going to perform in your state. Or I’m a movie production company and we won’t film in your state. Or we are a huge corporation and we are taking our international headquarters somewhere else. Anywhere else. Words are power. Use your words to effectively create change.


For some folks, it is the start of Labor Day weekend! If you are out and about just be safe. I can only harp on you for so long. Most of you are grown adults that can make somewhat intelligent choices in your decision making skills.