Shame On You

I am not talking YOU personally should be shamed for doing or saying something, I am saying, have you been shamed? Fat-shamed? Look-shamed? Thin-shamed? SOMEONE at some point made you feel ashamed. Of course you have. Everyone in some fashion or another is made fun of by a bully or jerk. Maybe it was Miranda Priestly who made fun of your ugly blue sweater or your nasty black shoes, or maybe it was a coworker that laughed at your choice of handbag or backpack? Or as I mentioned in prior posts maybe it was a bro or a sister that felt he/she had to give their two cents. Guess what, you also have been discriminated against.
OR maybe YOU were the person throwing shade. It happens. You can’t help it, you laugh at someone’s ugly fashion disaster and post it on social media as a meme. While it might sound I am condemning this type of behavior, it actually is a strong motivational factor when persuading people to improve their looks. Of course we can’t all look like super models, but you can get rid of that double chin and muffin top. Sometimes I see really unattractive people I and just wonder if they don’t have mirrors in their house. Hey if you never looked in a mirror you wouldn’t ever know you were unattractive, right? In theory that is.
Have you done any research on fasting? Sure the first 24 hours is the hardest, but just imagine how the reality stars of Naked and Afraid tough it out. When you have a lower body fat percentage your face starts to get thinner and you lose that double chin. And if you suck in your cheeks in selfies, you appear to have a chiseled jaw/face. Swallow and hold … and your neck all of the sudden has had a neck lift. Wow. Magic. Nope, just selfie tricks. You literally only have to hold your breath for 1-2 seconds.


And a shout out to “Nothing Bunt Cakes” in Westminster Colorado. You can buy a single person cake for like $5. So I bought 4. Yes I know they are all empty delicious calories, but everyone deserves a birthday cake or 4.