Real Life G.O.T. (Game of Thrones)

Can you imagine how the Game of Thrones would have resulted if The King of the North (Jon Snow) told The Dragon Queen that he was going to “sanction” her if she attacked? Yeah that bullshit wouldn’t have done shit. So why does the world thing that doing sanctions is going to do anything to Russia? So if you are under a rock and didn’t know, Russia invaded Ukraine. Millions of innocent lives dramatically changed forever. Thoughts and prayers don’t seem to do enough. Colorado will be home to over 11 thousand refugees.

The new Batman reboot comes out this week. I’m torn whether or not I want to see it. I’ll give you my two cents if I do. The 355 is a cool action adventure with female leads. I liked it. And did you see “Inventing Anna” on Netflix? I kind of liked it. I didn’t like Anna. Let’s be honest, she was a bitch who took advantage of whomever she could. She has no remorse, even after sitting in jail. And also, her voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. My favorite CBS tv crime show is coming back, Criminal Minds. I’m currently binge watching from the beginning, and it is still the scariest shit I’ve seen. Real life serial killers.

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