Sense of Smell

Isn’t it funny how your sense of smell is directly related to your sense of taste? If you can’t smell you can’t taste. So if you lose one, you actually lose twice. So if you didn’t know, losing your sense of smell is your first indication you might have contracted the virus. Sadly, many people never regain their sense of smell, and others will have it dramatically affected with nasty smells or rotten aromas in their place. I watched a YouTube interview where there is a small percentage that smell rotten onions and they can’t taste anything. A whole year has gone by and there are no nice smells in their near future. Ever.


While there are a lot of theories where the virus came from I have not heard any that this was created from an alien entity. Like, this is only the beginning and the next phase, after most of the population is wiped out, is the invasion. I was really hoping that some talented writers would have come up with some cool new movie story lines. Chris Pratt is in the new one on Amazon Prime, Tomorrow War. If you have Amazon I highly recommend watching it. I saw it twice. It actually is pretty believable. It is not a virus wiping us out movie, it is an alien invasion wipe us out movie. Totally different.


What I think is super scary is … what if parents DON’T take precautions, and in a matter of weeks, thousands and thousands of children die quickly. I think it is scary that people who got the vaccine, like Reba McIntire, still caught the virus. Yeah, you heard that right. You are not immune or totally protected unless you are hyper diligent in keeping everything sanitary and sterile. All the stores have Lysol/Clorox wipes in stock. It is like the world forgot to keep using them. Hand sanitizer is literally on clearance in thousands of stores. Stock up, it’s not like it will go bad and you will never use it.